Ritmo Tropical



Coupe glass
Easy Jigger
Fine sieve


There are approximately 178 calories in one serving of Ritmo Tropical.


Ritmo Tropical

Ritmo Tropical image

Serve in a

Coupe glass


Orange zest twist

How to make:

SHAKE first 5 ingredients with ice and fine strain into absinthe washed glass chilled glass.

1 1/2 fl oz Bacardi 4 year old gold rum
1/2 fl oz Martini Bianco vermouth
1/2 fl oz Lime juice (freshly squeezed)
1 fl oz Pineapple juice (fresh pressed)
3 dash Peychaud's or other Creole-style bitters
1/6 fl oz La Fee Parisienne absinthe

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Nicole’s inspiration: “It inspires me that BACARDÍ rum moves people to celebrate their individuality and freedom of spirit through the rhythm of music and dance. Ritmo Tropical is something that comes from within me; it is the spirit of the Caribbean that speaks through a certain tropical rhythm that can fill your heart with happiness and make you proud to be alive. The sound of rum nourishes the soul and makes the feet move.

The mix of ingredients in my cocktail may seem unusual for a tropical cocktail, but each one of them represents an important part of Caribbean cocktail history – I hope that one day Ritmo Tropical will stand beside timeless BACARDÍ classics like the Mojito.”


Created in 2018 for Bacardi Legacy by Nicole Fas at Azucena, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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