Americano image
Serve in
a Collins glass...
2 shot Italian red bitter aperitivo
2 shot Martini Rosso vermouth BUY
Top up with Soda (club soda)
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How to make:

POUR Campari and vermouth into ice-filled glass and TOP with
soda. Stir and serve with straws.


Orange slice


A bitter, fizzy, long refreshing drink, which you'll love if you like Campari.


First served in the 1860s in Gaspare Campari's bar in Milan, this was originally known as the 'Milano-Torino' as Campari came from Milano (Milan) and sweet vermouth from Torino (Turin). It was not until Prohibition that the Italians noticed an influx of Americans who enjoyed the drink and so dubbed it Americano.

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