Dry Martini #2 (Naked 10:1 ratio)

Dry Martini #2 (Naked 10:1 ratio) image
Serve in
a Martini glass...
¼ shot Chilled water
shot Martini Extra Dry vermouth BUY
shot Rutte Dry Gin BUY
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How to make:

POUR water into glass, swirl around to coat and place in freezer for at least two hours, alongside the bottle of gin. Swirl water in glass from time to time until the inside of the glass is covered in a thin layer of ice and the gin is frozen. POUR vermouth into icy glass and swirl to coat the ice with vermouth. POUR frozen gin into glass and serve immediately.


Chilled olive on stick or lemon zest twist


Diamond Martini


Dilution is achieved as the water you have frozen in the glass begins to melt. Both glass and gin must be freezing cold so that the temperature masks the strength of the alcohol. Thus the drink does not taste nearly as strong as it is – you have been warned.


Use an atomiser to coat glass with vermouth.

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