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There are approximately 179 calories in one serving of Gin & Tonic.

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Serve in a

Collins glass


Lime wedge

How to make:

POUR ingredients into ice-filled glass and serve.

2 fl oz Rutte Dry Gin
4 fl oz Thomas Henry Tonic Water

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This cocktail, classified as a Highball, is one of the simplest and best drinks ever devised, hence its lasting popularity.


The precise origin of the G&T is lost in the mists of time. Gin (or at least a grain-based juniper spirit) was drunk for medicinal reasons from the 1600s onwards. Quinine, the pungent bark extract which gives tonic its distinctive bitterness, had been used against malaria for even longer. The first known quinine-based tonics were marketed during the 1850s.

The popularity of tonic in the British colonies, especially India, is clear with Schweppes launching their first carbonated quinine tonic in 1870, branding it Indian Tonic Water. The ladies and gentlemen of the Raj also drank phenomenal quantities of gin. It is therefore accepted that gin and tonic emerged in India during the second half of the nineteenth century and was drunk partly to ward off malaria.

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