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Amaretto cocktails - the 20 best image

Amaretto cocktails - the 20 best

The bittersweet almond and vanilla flavour of amaretto mixes brilliantly with dark spirits – particularly whisk(e)y and aged tequila. This versatile

20 best bourbon cocktails image

20 best bourbon cocktails

Our 20 best bourbon cocktails have been selected for their richness of flavour and the way the bourbon mixes harmoniously with the other ingredients.

Best Blue Curaçao cocktails image

Best Blue Curaçao cocktails

Blue curaçao equals BLUE DRINKS, or at least various shades of aquamarine. There are numerous other orange-flavoured liqueurs but blue curaçao stands

Cachaça Cocktails image

Cachaça Cocktails

As great as the classic Caipirinha is, there's more you can do with Brazil's national spirit. Here are twenty cocktails to make which don't involve muddling

Candy cocktails image

Candy cocktails

Cocktails are indulgent treats so it's fitting to garnish one treat with another. And whether they be candy, sweeties, confectionery, chews or chocolate

Cherry Brandy Cocktails - 20 best image

Cherry Brandy Cocktails - 20 best

Two cocktails are synonymous for their use of cherry brandy: Blood & Sand and Singapore Sling, and as illustrated by these two classics, cherry brandy

Cognac cocktails - 30 best image

Cognac cocktails - 30 best

The most luxurious of all spirits, cognac has a velvety warmth capable of lifting the most grim of wintery nights. As my hero, David Embury, says in his

Crème de noyau cocktails image

Crème de noyau cocktails

Crème de noyau (or noyaux) are liqueurs based on distillates of apricot, peach or cherry kernels and have an almond flavour reminiscent of amaretto. Some

Elderflower Cocktails - with elderflower liqueur image

Elderflower Cocktails - with elderflower liqueur

Elderflower liqueurs are delicately flavoured, aromatic and floral. Elderflower mixes brilliantly with pretty much every spirit, both white and brown,

Ginger liqueur cocktails image

Ginger liqueur cocktails

As the weather turns colder so the warming effects of ginger can be both beneficial and pleasing in a drink. Indeed, King Edward VII’s physician is said

Grappa cocktails image

Grappa cocktails

Grappa doesn't have to be enjoyed on its own, it’s eminently mixable with different styles of grappa imparting different flavour nuances. I favour using

Irish Whiskey Cocktails image

Irish Whiskey Cocktails

Irish whiskey tends not to be peated so usually lacks the subtle smoky notes associated with Scotch whisky, so making its presence somewhat subtler in

Maraschino Cocktails - the 20 best image

Maraschino Cocktails - the 20 best

Maraschino is as a delicious a word as it is a liqueur made from sour Marasca cherries. The cherries' flavour, along with that of its pit (stone) are extracted

20 best Pineapple cocktails image

20 best Pineapple cocktails

Pineapples are luxuriant and tropical, their rich fruitiness balanced by an enlivening cutting acidity. Pineapple blends harmoniously with all spirits

Pisco Cocktails - the best pisco based cocktails image

Pisco Cocktails - the best pisco based cocktails

Pisco is the national spirit of both Peru and Chile and in both countries the iconic cocktail is the pisco sour, which, understandably in such hot climes,

Sake cocktails image

Sake cocktails

Commonly referred to as a ‘rice-wine’ sake is phenomenal in cocktails and pairs well with any spirit. However, beware, a sake’s delicate flavours

Scotch whisky cocktails image

Scotch whisky cocktails

Scotch whisky - both blends and single malts have a reputation for not being cocktail friendly due to their peaty/smoky/salty character. Post Sam Ross'

Strega cocktails - the 10 best image

Strega cocktails - the 10 best

Italy’s answer to France's Yellow Chartreuse, Liquore Strega is a complex liqueur made with 70 different botanicals including cinnamon, juniper, wild

Vodka Cocktails – the 20 best vodka based cocktails image

Vodka Cocktails – the 20 best vodka based cocktails

Vodka's success is partly due to it being marketed from the 1940's as a clear, pure, clean spirit that will mix with anything. Accordingly, it is regarded

Watermelon cocktails image

Watermelon cocktails

Watermelon cocktails shout summer and you can enjoy the succulent flavour of watermelon without all the faff of chopping up football-sized fruit by using

White crème de menthe cocktails image

White crème de menthe cocktails

Mint = fresh and delicious. Think mojitos, juleps, mint candy, chewing gum and even toothpaste. Sadly, crème de menthe hasn’t fared well in the liqueur