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Negroni del Professore image

Negroni del Professore

Bittersweet and Negro-like with deep herbal, rooty and bark bitterness.

Ill Viaggio image

Ill Viaggio

The ingredients might suggest that this cocktail should be stirred – we did try, but it benefits from the dilution and life that shaking imparts. After

Mezzo E Mezzo image

Mezzo E Mezzo

Slightly on the bitter side of bittersweet, this classic aperitivo is light and palate cleansing. Best made with equal parts Nardini Rosso, Nardini Rabarbaro

Rhubarb Lucca Negroni image

Rhubarb Lucca Negroni

A rhubarb-influenced rift on the classic Negroni.

Rhubarb Negroni image

Rhubarb Negroni

Rabarbaro amaro influences this Negroni, making it a tad drier and punchier than standard three ingredient Negronis.