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Swedish Punsch liqueur
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Hi Falutin image

Hi Falutin

Forceful and Manhattan-like in style but with sweet delicate influences from France and Sweden.

Chutes & Ladders cocktail image

Chutes & Ladders cocktail

Citrusy tequila-led with Swedish punch and Cocchi Americano rounding and adding their distinctive flavours.

Corpse Reviver No.2 (Duffy's recipe) image

Corpse Reviver No.2 (Duffy's recipe)

Perhaps a touch sweet but the kill or cure alcohol is well masked.

Doctor No.1 image

Doctor No.1

Retitled 'Swedish Daiquiri', this could be a hit.

Doctor No.2 image

Doctor No.2

Lime combines well with the aromatic spices in Swedish Punch.

Dr. Rieux image

Dr. Rieux

Rounded, citrusy and delicately spicy with an attractive underlying funk from Swedish punch.

It's Hartnell Damn It! image

It's Hartnell Damn It!

An equal parts riff on a Doctor No.1 using white wine acidity in place of lime juice. Tangy and slightly sharp in flavour with more than a hint of Swedish

Swedish Ale Punch image

Swedish Ale Punch

The grapefruit hop notes in the beer are amplified by fresh grapefruit juice while the beer's cereal notes are fortified with bourbon. Meanwhile, Swedish

Swedish Margarita image

Swedish Margarita

A Swedish punch influenced Margarita. Tangy and oily.

Twelve Miles Out Cocktail image

Twelve Miles Out Cocktail

Stir or shake (as originally stipulated in The Savoy Cocktail Book) this cocktail is still boozy. However, it's also wonderfully aromatic with all three

Waldorf Cocktail No.2 image

Waldorf Cocktail No.2

Lime works better than lemon but like the Astor, using a combination of lime and lemon produces an even better drink.

Astor image


Citrus and the tang of Swedish punch add a distinctive flavour to gin in this tasty vintage cocktail.

Diki-Diki image


Fruity yet tart. Apple brandy and grapefruit with the distinctive twang of Swedish Punch.

Doctor No.3 image

Doctor No.3

Tangy Swedish Punch freshened with orange and lemon juice.

Doctor No.4 image

Doctor No.4

A characterful Daiquiri - pungent Jamaican rum combines with tangy Swedish Punch balanced by lime juice.

Grand Slam image

Grand Slam

This after-dinner libation is slightly sweet but incredibly aromatic.

Margaret Duffy image

Margaret Duffy

Spiced and sweetened cognac.

Melba Cocktail image

Melba Cocktail

A dry Daiquiri-like drink with pomegranate, a touch of absinthe and pine fresh notes.

Princess Marina image

Princess Marina

Delicate yet loaded with alcohol and flavour.

Roulette image


Balanced apple and spice.