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Tawny port
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Brandy Sangaree image

Brandy Sangaree

Port and Brandy (AKA Randy) are a match made in heaven, here subtly enriched with a touch of sugar.

Angel's Share No.2 image

Angel's Share No.2

A fabulous drink, especially when VEP Chartreuse, family reserve cognac and 20 year old tawny port are used as per the original Starlight Room recipe.

Betsy Ross image

Betsy Ross

Deep burgundy red and boozy. Based on the classic combination of port and brandy, this is a drink to finish a night. (Benefits from some dilution so stir

Blackthorn No.2 (Homeboy's) image

Blackthorn No.2 (Homeboy's)

Just as Aaron, its creator, describes it, whiskey-laced boozy blackcurrant fruit pastille.

Byculla image


Claret-cum-mulled wine, but hold out for the warming ginger finish.

Chancellor image


Complex and sophisticated Scotch with fruity notes.

Chicago Fizz image

Chicago Fizz

Rum character shines, distinguishing this from lesser fizzes.

Coffee Cocktail image

Coffee Cocktail

As the 1887 edition of the Professor's book says, The name of this drink is a misnomer, as coffee and bitters are not to be found among its ingredients,

Four Poster Red image

Four Poster Red

This deep cherry red Negroni-like aperitivo is equally tasty shaken and served straight-up – indeed that's how it was originally made, like a Shakerato.

Gin Sangaree (Sangre) image

Gin Sangaree (Sangre)

Either drink through the layers or stir before consuming. Fabulously old-school in style, this sweetened port and old tom gin drink resembles chilled mulled

Improved Dunlop Cocktail image

Improved Dunlop Cocktail

Rich and fruity tawny port sits beautifully with aged rhum agricole in this spirit-forward late-night sipper.

New York Flip image

New York Flip

Flipping good. Easy and light.

Occasion image


A dessert cocktail designed to complement Cuban cigars.

Pass the Dutchie image

Pass the Dutchie

Like a bottle of port, please be sure to pass this cocktail to the left, or at least drink using your left hand. You'll be rewarded with a spirituous bready

Port Old-Fashioned image

Port Old-Fashioned

Bourbon and maple syrup somewhat overwhelm the headline port wine, although it does add an underlying fruitiness to this balanced and tasty riff on an

Precursory Cocktail image

Precursory Cocktail

The winning cocktail from CLASS magazine Bartender of the Year 2009.

Randy Old-fashioned image

Randy Old-fashioned

Port and brandy (rhymes 'Randy') are traditionally consumed at Christmas and used to be a popular British pub combo. I've used maple syrup in place of

Revolutionary Flip image

Revolutionary Flip

Full-bodied both describes this drink and how you’ll feel after consuming this very tasty meal of a drink.

Ruby Manhattan image

Ruby Manhattan

Rye whiskey with a touch of apricot and grape fruitiness served short, dry and strong. A delicious nightcap.

Rum & Rye Sour image

Rum & Rye Sour

Tawny port adds grape fruitiness to rum and rye whiskey with freshening tart zesty lemon and subtle bitters complexity.