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Apple juice (cloudy & unsweetened)
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Polish Martini image

Polish Martini

In Poland, Bison Grass vodka and apple juice are a classic combo, here also with an additional splash of Polish honey liqueur. Adjust the quantity of

Apple Jack (by Sasha Petraske) image

Apple Jack (by Sasha Petraske)

Sweet and sour with rich apple flavours and a brandy backbone.

Apple Strudel image

Apple Strudel

Apple, vanilla and a hint of Scotch and cinnamon- reminiscent of the dessert but a good deal drier.

Applesinth image


Hints of apple and liquorice combine to make a very moreish cocktail.

Autumn Cocktail image

Autumn Cocktail

An easy-drinking, fruity cocktail with grassy hints courtesy of bison vodka.

Banana so Smoothie image

Banana so Smoothie

Serve with breakfast cereal and you'll be set up for the day. The high fresh banana content means this drink will quickly turn brown if left. This can

Chimayo image


I used to make this cocktail with reposado tequila, but it's cleaner and better with blanco tequila. Either way, cassis and apple juice mellow tequila.

Chin Chin image

Chin Chin

Golden honey in colour and also in flavour. An unusual and great tasting Champagne cocktail.

Escalator Cocktail image

Escalator Cocktail

This orchard-fresh concoction was originally made with Korte Palinka (Hungarian pear schnapps).

Frisky Bison image

Frisky Bison

Sweet 'n' sour, fruity, minty and fresh.

Galvanised Nail image

Galvanised Nail

Scotch and honeyed spice with a hint of apple and elderflower plus a touch of zest lemon freshness.

GE Blonde image

GE Blonde

This delicate drink demands freshly pressed apple juice and flavoursome Scotch with subtle peat.

Havanatheone image


A flavoursome Daiquiri featuring honey, apple and mint.

Kentucky Pear image

Kentucky Pear

Pear, apple, vanilla and whiskey are partners in this richly flavoured drink.

Long Flight of Stairs image

Long Flight of Stairs

A seriously tasty, strong, long drink. The name is a reversal of the London rhyming slang 'apples and pears' (stairs).

Mandarintini image


This bittersweet palate cleanser looks like pink grapefruit juice.

Mint Limeade image

Mint Limeade

Superbly refreshing, mint and lime served long.

Pear Shaped #1 (Deluxe Version) image

Pear Shaped #1 (Deluxe Version)

Wonderful balance of flavours but pear predominates with a dry yet floral finish.

Orinoco cocktail image

Orinoco cocktail

Dry sherry, chocolate and almond add subtle nuances to a base of cacha├ža and apple juice.

R U Bobby Moore? image

R U Bobby Moore?

It's common to pair Scotch whisky with apple, and Bison Grass vodka with apple juice, but combining these three with acidic wine and rich honey adds sweet

Stairs Cocktail image

Stairs Cocktail

In London's cockney rhyming slang 'apples and pears' means stairs. Thus this tasty cocktail is appropriately named.

Treacle No.1 image

Treacle No.1

Richly flavoured, almost like molasses.

Four Leaf Clover image

Four Leaf Clover

Originally based on vodka but seemed a shame not to try it as a Daiquiri.

Rusty To The Core image

Rusty To The Core

Honeyed herbal whisky liqueur with an apple brandy base, freshened with lemon juice and given a wisp of smokiness by a splash of Islay malt.

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