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Tomato juice
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Red Snapper image

Red Snapper

Looks like a Bloody Mary, and tastes a lot like a Bloody Mary, but features gin's aromatic botanicals.

Bloody Mary (Difford's recipe) image

Bloody Mary (Difford's recipe)

A Bloody Mary Cocktail with a hint of bell pepper freshness and a touch of sherry.

Bloody Mary (Modern Recipe) image

Bloody Mary (Modern Recipe)

The classic brunch cocktail.

Sangrita image


In Mexico the quality of the homemade Sangrita can make or break a bar. This recipe is spicy and slightly sweet and perfect for chasing tequila.

Slutty Mary image

Slutty Mary

A Bloody Maria given extra spice with chipotle chilli.

Bloody Mary (no added sugar & low-calorie) image

Bloody Mary (no added sugar & low-calorie)

With vitamin loaded tomato and lemon juices, this sugar-free, low-calorie Mary is almost a healthy option. Be sure to use a tomato juice with no added

Bit Of An Animal image

Bit Of An Animal

Vodka is both traditional and works brilliantly as a base to a Bloody Mary but is far too tame for a 'Bit Of An Animal'.

Asian Mary image

Asian Mary

An aptly named Bloody Mary with plenty of Asian spice.

Basil Mary image

Basil Mary

A particularly spicy Mary with a herbal twist.

Bloody Maria image

Bloody Maria

Tequila adds interesting flavours to the classic Bloody Mary.

Cubanita image


The Bloody Mary returns - this time with rum.

Peppered Mary image

Peppered Mary

A Bloody Mary with sweet and spicy pepper.

Tokyo Bloody Mary image

Tokyo Bloody Mary

Sake adds an interesting dimension to the traditionally vodka based Bloody Mary. For more information about the history of the Bloody Mary see our Bloody

Vampiro image


Something of a supercharged Bloody Maria with a hint of sweet grenadine.

Bandera image


In Mexico the quality of the homemade Sangrita can make or break a bar. The Sangrita in this trio is spicy and slightly sweet.

Bloody Joseph image

Bloody Joseph

A Bloody Mary with whisky.

Bloody Shame image

Bloody Shame

Somehow missing something.

Prairie Oyster image

Prairie Oyster

This 'pick-me-up' (A.K.A. hangover cure) may be a somewhat daunting prospect irrespective of the present state of your constitution.

Ru-Yi Knot image

Ru-Yi Knot

Not yet rated

The Chinese Bacardí Legacy 2013 winning cocktail created by Yao Zong Foxyie Huang at Bar The Soul in China.

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