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Black Velvet image

Black Velvet

Full-bodied stout and delicate dry sparkling wine are an unlikely combination but this classic has stood the test of time. Some may wish to add a barspoon

Gilbey Vintner's Punch image

Gilbey Vintner's Punch

Created in 2015 by Chris Strong, The Luggage Room, London, England.

South Ireland Sour image

South Ireland Sour

Smells of sticking plasters and uses Feijoa and Guinness. Only a Kiwi could create such a drink. Give it a try, it's not as crazy as it sounds.

Stout Fellow image

Stout Fellow

In a similar style to an Espresso Martini but with very different ingredients including Guinness stout and coffee liqueur in place of espresso coffee.

Black & Tan image

Black & Tan

A layered drink with pale ale (or lager) downstairs and stout upstairs. If poured correctly these two beers make a perfect black and tan layer in the glass.

Black & Velvet image

Black & Velvet

Cider downstairs, Guinness upstairs

Sandygaff image


Better than your average lager shandy.

Blackbeard image


Something of a student drink, this tastes better than it sounds.

Black Japan image

Black Japan

This student-style drink will appeal to those with youthful exuberance and a sweet tooth.

Hug From Mary image

Hug From Mary

Not yet rated

Tony Barry says of his drink, “A ‘hug from Mary’ is a hospitality ritual among the bartenders of Cork. Mary is owner, bartender & host of the oldest

The Greatest Showman image
User submitted

The Greatest Showman

Not yet rated

Using Guinness from draught is preferred however using from a bottle should not affect the taste of texture of this cocktail.