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Overproof pot still rum
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Zombie image


Powerful funky rum and delicate cinnamon spice partially tamed by rich fruit and sweetened clove.

Bahamas Daiquiri image

Bahamas Daiquiri

Totally tropical with a sweet tangy edge.

Black Mesa image

Black Mesa

Pungent, funky and boozy with harmonious rum dominated bitter sweetness.

Dunderstruck image


Fruity in every sense of the word – not to mention estery with namesake dundery rum notes taking centre stage. (Flavours are somewhat reminiscent of

Jet Pilot image

Jet Pilot

A lightly spicy blend of three characterful rums with citrus mellowed by blending with crushed ice.

Myrtle Bank Special Rum Punch image

Myrtle Bank Special Rum Punch

A rich, fruity and spirituous Daiquiri.

Queen Mother image

Queen Mother

Pot still Jamaican rum adds delicate but distinctive funky notes to this lightly sweet fruity gin-laced cocktail.

Rum Dum Sour image

Rum Dum Sour

A light rum sour sipped through a float of pungent pot still rum.

The Italian Job Cocktail image

The Italian Job Cocktail

Bittersweet and boozy with a dry finish. Striking the right degree of dilution is key to the success of this cocktail – stir a little longer than usual

Tom & Jerry image

Tom & Jerry

A warming and filling winter's meal in itself. This recipe will fill six small toddy glasses or Tom & Jerry mugs (each 20cl capacity to brim), and given

Treacle No.1 image

Treacle No.1

Richly flavoured, almost like molasses.

Artichoke Hold image

Artichoke Hold

The elderflower is dominated by the other less subtle flavours in this big flavoured sweet 'n' sour cocktail.

Better & Better image

Better & Better

Initially strong and punchy, but as the name suggests, as the ice melts dilution makes this drink better and better.

Blade Runner image

Blade Runner

Tangy and fruity but not too sweet.

Doctor No.4 image

Doctor No.4

A characterful Daiquiri - pungent Jamaican rum combines with tangy Swedish Punch balanced by lime juice.

Good Hope Plantation Rum Punch image

Good Hope Plantation Rum Punch

A classic citrus laced, big flavoured, punch.

Grand Duchess Cocktail image

Grand Duchess Cocktail

This vodka-based Tiki-style cocktail is made funky by a splash of pot still Jamaican rum while lime juice adds freshness and grenadine adds both a rich

Kingston Negroni image

Kingston Negroni

The huge character of pungent rum is matched with a bittersweet liqueur and sweet vermouth combo. Not for everyone but a Negroni riff worth trying.

Kool Hand Luke image

Kool Hand Luke

This looks like a Caipirinha and has a similar balance of sweet, sour and spirit. The bitters bring out the spice in the rum, which is every bit as pungent

Mai Tai (Beaumont-Gantt's recipe) image

Mai Tai (Beaumont-Gantt's recipe)

It is claimed that Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gantt first served this drink in 1933 at his Don The Beachcomber's bar in Hollywood, California. This is some