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Lychee liqueur
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China Blue Cocktail image

China Blue Cocktail

This simple cocktail with its turquoise colour tastes more adult and interesting than its colour might suggest.

Chinese Cosmopolitan image

Chinese Cosmopolitan

Oriental in name and style - perhaps a tad sweeter than your standard Cosmo.

Chinese Whisper image

Chinese Whisper

There's more than a whisper of ginger in this spicy cocktail.

Lychee & Blackcurrant Cocktail image

Lychee & Blackcurrant Cocktail

Light, fragrant and laced with gin.

Lychee & Elderflower Spritz image

Lychee & Elderflower Spritz

As the apt name suggests, this slightly sweet spritz is flavoured with lychee and elderflower liqueurs. East meets west in Italy.

Lychee & Sake Martini image

Lychee & Sake Martini

Spirit-forward but mellowed by sake and lychee.

Lychee Martini image

Lychee Martini

If you like lychee you'll love this delicate Martini.

Rachel image


Subtle lychee notes shine through this long refreshing cocktail with cognac, lemon and a drizzle of crème de cassis.

Summer Rose Cocktail image

Summer Rose Cocktail

Unless you've a sweet tooth don't mix the red and white layers - sip from the chocolate and lychee top and stop when you hit red.

Chill Bill image

Chill Bill

Bitter lemon balances sweet lychee liqueur in this simple and lightly alcoholic long drink.

China Blue image

China Blue

Looks sweet, but due to a generous splash of grapefruit is actually balanced and refreshing.

China Martini image

China Martini

A complex, not too sweet lychee Martini.

Enchanted image


Light, fruity and easy drinking with lychee and ginger dominating.

Kill Bill cocktail image

Kill Bill cocktail

There is little danger of killing bill with this slightly sweet, lychee and ginger drink which is laced with less than one shot of vodka.

Lychee Mac image

Lychee Mac

Peaty Scotch whisky with sweet lychee and warning ginger.

Lychee Rickey image

Lychee Rickey

The lychee liqueur dominates this surprisingly dry Rickey.

Mellow Cocktail image

Mellow Cocktail

A fruity, tropical drink with a frothy head.

Oriental Tart image

Oriental Tart

A sour, tart, fruity cocktail with more than a hint of lychee.

Pear Drop (shot) image

Pear Drop (shot)

Sweet, sticky and strong.

South Pacific image

South Pacific

Adapted from an original recipe created by Wayne Collins, London, England.