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Crème de fraise liqueur
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Jayne Mansfield image

Jayne Mansfield

Fizz is made to go with strawberries.

Strawberry on Acid image

Strawberry on Acid

Rich fruity strawberry, balanced and made interesting by vodka, balsamic vinegar and black pepper tingle.

Love Heart image

Love Heart

This lavender pink drink is everything you (or your partner) might want for a Valentine's tipple. It is the right colour, includes parfait amour liqueur

Strawberry Inn Grappa Sour image

Strawberry Inn Grappa Sour

As the name suggests, a sour laced with characterful grappa, flavoured with rich ripe strawberry. Dry and complex rather than sweet and one-dimensional.

Rossini image


Strawberries seem to complement prosecco even better than white peaches so perhaps order this in preference to a Bellini.

Strawberry Éclair image

Strawberry Éclair

Far from sophisticated but appropriately named.

Tripleberry image


Rich berry fruit fortified with vodka and tamed by the tannins from a splash of red wine.

Wimbledon Martini image

Wimbledon Martini

Takes some getting through the fine strainer, but when you do it's simply strawberries and cream with the faintest hint of alcohol. Wimbledon is all about

Maestro image


Strawberry and balsamic are a great combo - here served with orange juice, vodka and maple syrup.

Strawberry Smoothie (Alcoholic) image

Strawberry Smoothie (Alcoholic)

This radiantly coloured creamy strawberry yoghurt drink is sweetened with honey and 'hardened' with vodka.

Foxy Lady image

Foxy Lady

Best described as a strawberry gin sour, the herbal botanicals in the gin combine well with the sweet strawberry.

Rossini Spritz image

Rossini Spritz

Perhaps best described as a Strawberry Bellini, sweet strawberry flavours are tamed with the gentle acidity of Prosecco.

Red Head image

Red Head

A bittersweet aperitif style cocktail with light strawberry and delicate lavender notes.

Pinot Grinchio image

Pinot Grinchio

Jammy strawberry fruit and cream-of-soda vanilla fortified by grain whisky and enlivened by prosecco.

Strawberries & Cream image

Strawberries & Cream

There's a subtle hint of chocolate in this gin-laced Strawberries and Cream.

Exotic Passion image

Exotic Passion

Bittersweet and floral - one for the poolside.

Fru Fru image

Fru Fru

Dry, bitter grapefruit complimented by passion fruit and strawberry.

Liquorice All Sort image

Liquorice All Sort

This aptly named, semi-sweet drink has a strong liquorice flavour with hints of fruit.

Strawberry Blonde Martini image

Strawberry Blonde Martini

Berry vodka dominates with hints of strawberry and basil.

Strawberry Cosmo image

Strawberry Cosmo

Strawberry liqueur replaces the usual orange liqueur in this riff on a classic Cosmopolitan.

Trifle'tini image


Very rich - looks and taste like a trifle.

Black Widow image

Black Widow

This sticky, fruity, liquorice cocktail tastes a little like an Allsort sweet.

Batida de Morango image

Batida de Morango

Strawberry milkshake laced with cachaça.

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