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Maraschino (Marasca) syrup (from cherry jar)
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Manhattan (Petite Serve) image

Manhattan (Petite Serve)

A bite-sized Sweet Manhattan.

Matejcek 3-2-1 Manhattan image

Matejcek 3-2-1 Manhattan

A rye-based Perfect Manhattan with an optional lift from maraschino syrup.

Old Fashioned Cocktail (muddled fruit version) image

Old Fashioned Cocktail (muddled fruit version)

This drink is often mixed in the glass in which it is to be served. Shaking better incorporates the flavours produced by muddling and fine straining removes

Rock 'n' Rye image

Rock 'n' Rye

Great rye whiskey notes with hints of orange and cherry. Slightly sweet but all too easy.

Shark's Tooth (by Don Beach) image

Shark's Tooth (by Don Beach)

This cocktail should be blended so the ice is dissolved to chill and dilute the drink which should end up with a long-lasting frothy head.

Tequila Manhattan image

Tequila Manhattan

A Sweet Manhattan but with the distinctive herbal agave notes of tequila.

Bakewell Tart Sour image

Bakewell Tart Sour

Exactly as the name suggests. Also works well served straight-up in a coupe.

Champagne Cup image

Champagne Cup

Sweet maraschino helps balance this dry drink.

Club Cocktail (Butt's recipe) image

Club Cocktail (Butt's recipe)

An aromatic, spirited, classical cocktail.

Fruit Tree Daiquiri image

Fruit Tree Daiquiri

Even with a spoon of cherry syrup, this is fruity and balanced rather than sweet with rum holding its own as the dominant flavour.

Hemingway Martini image

Hemingway Martini

A fresh and refreshing orange and vanilla influenced Vodkatini.

Lux Daiquiri image

Lux Daiquiri

A classic frozen Daiquiri heavily laced with maraschino cherry.

Rock of Sages image

Rock of Sages

As the name suggests, sage subtly influences this fruity cognac based cocktail served on the rocks. Fruity and easy.

The Zamboanga 'Zeinie' Cocktail image

The Zamboanga 'Zeinie' Cocktail

Reminiscent of a tropical Sidecar.

Cherry Blossom image

Cherry Blossom

Bundles of flavour - tangy and moreish.

Cherry Daiquiri image

Cherry Daiquiri

Cherry sweetness paired with Daiquiri sharpness.

Dragon Blossom image

Dragon Blossom

Light, aromatic, semi-sweet and distinctly oriental in style.

Rubí image


Not yet rated

The Finland Bacardi Legacy 2019 winning cocktail. Created by Rossie Mathias, who said, I wanted to create something to withstand the test of time and last