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Speyside single malt Scotch whisky
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Bitter Jean image

Bitter Jean

Scotch malt whisky, and particularly Islay single malt, balance and work brilliantly with rich crème de cassis and full-bodied vermouth, helped by a generous

Dantes in Fernet image

Dantes in Fernet

It's obvious that this Blood & Sand-like cocktail contains Fernet, it has an almost smoky herbal influence. Maple syrup is an inspired sweetener and flavour

The Prospector image

The Prospector

Three ingredients combine brilliantly in this deliciously simple cocktail.

Banana Stand image

Banana Stand

Smoky whisky-laced rich delicately herbal banana. Not as challenging as this drink sounds and considerably tastier.

Big Mac image

Big Mac

A volumized riff on a Whisky Mac created in June 2021 by yours truly.

Highland Sazerac image

Highland Sazerac

A dash of malt gives a Highland influence to the Sazerac, also given a herbal note due to a generous splash of Chartreuse.

Morning Glory Fizz image

Morning Glory Fizz

This classic, sour and aromatic cocktail is traditionally considered a morning after a pick-me-up / rejuvenative 'hair-of-the-dog'.

Mr Burns image

Mr Burns

A single malt whisky-based Bobby Burns, and all the more excellent for it.

Peat's Dragon image

Peat's Dragon

Dry and aromatic with vermouth and aromatised wine, along with rich orange liqueur, gently influencing scotch whisky, enlivened with a subtle black pepper

Rapscallion image


Smoky island malts tamed by the Christmas pudding flavours of Pedro Ximénez with pastis adding notes of enlivening anise. To quote Ruby's menu, An unabashedly

Rusty Sour image

Rusty Sour

It takes a single malt to properly live up to the big flavours of the whisky liqueur. The only question is how much lemon juice and additional sugar suit

Sin Cyn cocktail image

Sin Cyn cocktail

A single malt whisky laced twist on a Boulevardier with Cynar replacing the familiar Italian red bitter liqueur.

Sloane Square cocktail image

Sloane Square cocktail

An unusual pairing of single malt scotch whisky and tequila with herbal complexity courtesy of Bénédictine liqueur, freshened with orange zestiness.

Speyside Single Malt Old Fashioned image

Speyside Single Malt Old Fashioned

Some may want to use a Demerara sugar syrup but pure cane sugar delicately mellows the malt whisky without masking its flavour, indeed it amplifies its

The Dandy (by Iain Meldrum) image

The Dandy (by Iain Meldrum)

Dry and slightly on the bitter side of bittersweet, single malt scotch, gentian liqueur and dry vermouth sit well together in this appealing aperitif-style

The Fitzroy image

The Fitzroy

A Rob Roy with a delicate peaty note courtesy of a splash of peated single malt.

Vanity image


Apple and lemon juice are renowned for pairing well with Scotch whisky and in the Vanity, this harmonious combination is further enhanced by apple appearing

Broadmoor cocktail image

Broadmoor cocktail

Bartending law would stipulate this cocktail be stirred. If law-abiding then serve on-the-rocks with larger (60ml whisky, 15ml Chartreuse, 10ml sugar,

Poinciana image


Bittersweet berry fruit scotch rounded by subtle coconut.

Tart 'n' Sand image

Tart 'n' Sand

This riff on a classic Blood & Sand is indeed a tad on the tart side, but tasty and refreshing.