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Akvavit / Aquavit
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Clockwork Orange No.2 image

Clockwork Orange No.2

Easy drinking, neither sweet or sour, this cocktail with its subtle coffee notes suits breakfast, teatime or aperitivo but was originally created as a

Picotin image


Bright yellow and on the bitter side of bittersweet with aquavit, lemon, gentian and maraschino liqueurs.

Scandinavian Daiquiri image

Scandinavian Daiquiri

A caraway influenced riff on a daiquiri with aquavit replacing rum. Very refreshing and suited to a summer’s afternoon, or an early evening aperitif.

Dead Parrot Colada image

Dead Parrot Colada

Gin and delicate maraschino cherry with orange and lemon, coconut and a hint of Norwegian aquavit character.

Great Northern image

Great Northern

Your choice of honey will greatly influence this drink which harnesses the character of aquavit to great effect with white wine and citrusy notes.

The Witches image

The Witches

Herbal and complex.

Trident image


Bone dry and boozy, this cocktail is aimed at those who have a penchant for both sherry and aquavit, not to mention bittersweet artichoke liqueurs - hardly

Alpine Ramble image
User submitted

Alpine Ramble

A broad interpretation of classic cocktail combinations to pair the smooth flavors of Akvavit and the intensely herbal Génépy with the brightness of

Barcode [temp.] image
User submitted

Barcode [temp.]

Not yet rated

Barcode is the city area in Oslo (capital of Norway) that most resembles Manhattan in New York. Tall buildings, expensive apartments, etc. And since I've

Carsten's Picotin image
User submitted

Carsten's Picotin

Not yet rated

SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into a chilled glass.

CHRIS's Trident image
User submitted

CHRIS's Trident

Not yet rated

I used ... >> Alvear FIno >> Sheringham Akvavit

Consonance image
User submitted


Not yet rated

I've always been a huge fan of Negroni's and, to be honest, I just wanted my own go at making one. It was a relief when this turned out to be good.

Robert's Wallbanger image
User submitted

Robert's Wallbanger

Creamy and delicious when shaken. The Galliano float is key to bringing harmony to this cocktail.

Scandinavian Green image
User submitted

Scandinavian Green

This recipe was made for a preferential use of akvavit with dill predominance in flavor and notes.

Skåne martini image
User submitted

Skåne martini

Not yet rated

Classic 5:2 martini with Skåne Aquavit replacing Gin.

Water on the vine image
User submitted

Water on the vine

Educated barfly