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Limited Liability image

Limited Liability

A sour and flavoursome short - honey and lime work well together.

Emerald Martini image

Emerald Martini

A serious drink that's rammed with alcohol and flavour.

Grassy Finnish image

Grassy Finnish

Like Finland, this drink is clean, green, wooded and safe, but deep down there's plenty of spice.

Key Lime image

Key Lime

Tangy, smooth and rich! Alcoholic ice-cream for grown-ups.

Lime Sour image

Lime Sour

Fresh egg white gives this drink a wonderfully frothy top and smooths the alcohol and lime juice.

Limey Cosmo image

Limey Cosmo

If you like Cosmopolitans, you'll love this zesty alternative.

Limey Mule image

Limey Mule

Made with plain vodka this drink is a Moscow Mule. This variant uses lime flavoured vodka.

Camomile & Blackthorn Breeze image

Camomile & Blackthorn Breeze

Adult, clean and subtle in flavour with a twang of fruit.

Frisky Lemonade image

Frisky Lemonade

Reminiscent of alcoholic lemon barley water.

Lime Breeze image

Lime Breeze

A lime driven Sea Breeze.

Limeosa image


Why settle for a plain old Buck's Fizz when you could add a shot of lime-flavoured vodka?

Limey image


A rust coloured drink with a delicately sour flavour.

Limnology image


A vodka Gimlet made with lime flavoured vodka.

Limousine image


In winter this hot drink is a warming treat. In summer serve cold over ice, as pictured.

Limelite image


Long and citrussy.

Liminal Shot image

Liminal Shot

The name means transitional, marginal, a boundary or a threshold. Appropriate since the layers border each other.