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Celery bitters
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Garden Sour image

Garden Sour

Delicately smoky mezcal forms the backbone of this delicious bittersweet long refreshing drink.

Journey of Brothers image

Journey of Brothers

Dry and lightly fruity with complex herbal minerality, this is a superbly refreshing and complex long drink.

Celery Gimlet #2 image

Celery Gimlet #2

Sweet 'n' sour, salt 'n' vinegar served with dry celery gin crunch – a cocktail to awaken your senses.

Celery Gin Sour image

Celery Gin Sour

Genepi adds a touch of herbal sweetness to what is quite literally a Celery Gin Sour.

Celery Sour image

Celery Sour

This aptly named drink is beautifully balanced with delicate celery flavours.

Embrasse de la Terre image

Embrasse de la Terre

This dry spirituous aperitif, Martini-like, cocktail combines malty genever and bitter celery flavours with Yellow Chartreuse richness dried by vermouth.

Green Park image

Green Park

Lime green in colour under a frothy head, lemon fresh and botanical with gin, basil and a hint of celery.

Perfect Guest image

Perfect Guest

Clean grainy vodka forms the back bone of this floral and herbal delicate dessert Vodkatini-style drink.

She's Like image

She's Like

An unlikely combination of big rich flavours, but when served ice-cold this is either a very interesting Mediterranean aperitivo or a palate cleansing

Smoky Orchard Highball image

Smoky Orchard Highball

Savoury, delicately fruity and refreshing with delicate ripe pear, dry gin and celery with a hint of smoke.

South of Heaven cocktail image

South of Heaven cocktail

Bittersweet and refreshing with the very distinctive flavours of mastiha and Fernet Branca.

Zuzu's Petals cocktail image

Zuzu's Petals cocktail

Bittersweet with fragrant bison grass vodka and fruity Maraschino cherry flavours supported by bitter gentian, rich elderflower and lime juice.

Celery Gimlet image

Celery Gimlet

Occupying the ground between the Gimlet and a Shrub with pleasing savoury celery notes adding interest.

Celery Nome image

Celery Nome

Originally and rather boringly named Celery Gin Cocktail until I realised how close it is to David Embury's Nome. My original recipe (photographed) was

Le Dijonnais Martini image

Le Dijonnais Martini

A most unusual cocktail based on a most unusual product - mustard liqueur.

Straight Up In Compton image

Straight Up In Compton

Scotch whisky and rich apricot with sour herbal complexity.

Susto image


Bittersweet with mezcal and amaro combining harmoniously along with aromatic wine and celery bitters.

El Meu Avi image

El Meu Avi

Not yet rated

Matthew’s inspiration: “El meu avi va anar a Cuba (my grandfather went to Cuba). At just 16, Facundo Bacardí crossed the Atlantic to the New World:

Queen Street Cocktail image

Queen Street Cocktail

Not yet rated

Leon Back says of his drink, “The Queen Street Cocktail is, firstly, a tribute to the street where I work. This street in Edinburgh, which is world-renowned,

Robin Cocktail image

Robin Cocktail

Not yet rated

Casper Huang says of his drink, “The robin is a symbol of bravery, vitality and great renown, and is a bird that we associate with the bat, representing