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Añejo tequila
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Tequila Alexander image

Tequila Alexander

Creamy tequila and chocolate this tequila based riff on the classic Brandy Alexander is deliciously indulgent.

Anejo Manhattan image

Anejo Manhattan

Añejo tequila rather than American whiskey dominates this Manhattan riff.

Monte Carlos image

Monte Carlos

The honeyed botanical notes of Bénédictine combine brilliantly with añejo tequila to amplify pleasing earthy notes in the agave. A brilliantly simple

Añejo Old Fashioned image

Añejo Old Fashioned

A hint of agave syrup sweetness and dilution from the stirred ice knocks back the spirit's fire while opening and releasing agave flavours. (If you don't

Sandy The Showgirl image

Sandy The Showgirl

Tequila-based, with complex mezcal smokiness, rich maraschino cherry and floral lavender bitters. It's a cocktail that likes dilution so perhaps consider

Mexican in Manhattan image

Mexican in Manhattan

I tried making my usual Sweet Manhattan but with añejo tequila as the base spirit and it was not half bad, but there's something about tequila that says

Mile High Margarita image

Mile High Margarita

A late-night, dry Margarita that's high on booze, low on citrus and with subtle pineapple fruitiness.

Añejo Almond Old Fashioned image

Añejo Almond Old Fashioned

Añejo has notes of almond, here amplified by a splash of amaretto liqueur.

Gingerbread Tequila Old Fashioned image

Gingerbread Tequila Old Fashioned

Ginger notes are subtle while the caramel combines harmoniously with the aged tequila to make a truly delicious nightcap.

Eclipse Cocktail (by Leo Robitschek) image

Eclipse Cocktail (by Leo Robitschek)

Beautifully balanced bitter-sweetness with tequila and mezcal sitting harmoniously with cherry and aperitivo liqueurs, with lemon freshness. A perfect

Chocolate Tequila Alexander image

Chocolate Tequila Alexander

A rich, indulgent, tequila-laced riff on the classic Alexander cocktail.

Spiced Mexican Old Fashioned image

Spiced Mexican Old Fashioned

Just as it says on the tin, a chilli-spiced Tequila Old Fashioned.

Tequila Manhattan image

Tequila Manhattan

A Sweet Manhattan but with the distinctive herbal agave notes of tequila.

Midnight Bouquet image

Midnight Bouquet

Spirit-forward and bittersweet with faint floral elderflower and whisps of mezcal.

Mexican Martini image

Mexican Martini

Considering tequila is replacing vodka in this French Martini riff, you'd think that when it came to tequila, a blanco tequila would be best suited. However,

Plaza Antigua image

Plaza Antigua

The sweet herbal punch you'll recognise from the classic Vieux Carré but given extra life and fresh vitality by the addition of a shot of tequila (I've

Tres Amigos Daiquiri image

Tres Amigos Daiquiri

Actually this is a Navy rum influenced Margarita made to Daiquiri proportions, but whatever it's called, it's damn good.

Don's Delight image

Don's Delight

Named due to originally being made with Don Julio 1942.

Heisenberg Cocktail image

Heisenberg Cocktail

Like a suitably complex chemistry experiment, this Margarita-like cocktail has seven ingredients with mezcal adding smoky notes to tequila and a trio of

Añogo image


Creamy but not sweet with tequila character shining through. (Añogo is Spanish for 'yearn'.)

Mexican Martini (Añejo Margarita) image

Mexican Martini (Añejo Margarita)

Basically, a top-shelf Margarita garnished with jalapeño stuffed olives.

Alcatraz image


Dry and lightly bitter, this tequila-based sipper makes for a great apéritif cocktail.

Oooh Ginger image

Oooh Ginger

Subtle ginger spice flavours this dry tequila martini-esque cocktail.

Gringo's Blood & Sand image

Gringo's Blood & Sand

A Blood & Sand made with tequila. A classic Scotch whisky based Blood & Sand is made with equal parts of all four ingredients, but the cherry brandy, vermouth

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