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Goldwasser cinnamon schnapps liqueur
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Zubrowka Cocktail image

Zubrowka Cocktail

The grassy notes of Zubrówka and delicate cinnamon shine through in this well-balanced and well-integrated delicately spicy vintage cocktail.

Funky Pirate Daiquiri image

Funky Pirate Daiquiri

Spirituous enough for a pirate. Why the name? Well, one of the rums has some 'funk', both rums have nautical connections, the lime protects against scurvy,

Apple Pie Cocktail image

Apple Pie Cocktail

There's a good hit of cinnamon in this apple pie.

Azure Cocktail image

Azure Cocktail

A tangy cocktail that's reminiscent of a cinnamon laced apple pie. Shame it's not blue.

Creamy Bee image

Creamy Bee

Creamy cinnamon with hints of honey, nuts and berries.

Granny's image


Apple, rum and cinnamon were made for each other.

Wilton Martini image

Wilton Martini

Refined cinnamon and apple.

Dead Man's Mule image

Dead Man's Mule

Strong in every respect. Big, full-on flavours of aniseed, cinnamon and ginger.

Spiced Apple Daiquiri image

Spiced Apple Daiquiri

Sour apple and cinnamon spice with rum.

Tarte Au Pommes image

Tarte Au Pommes

Rich in flavour and well balanced.

Carrot Cake image

Carrot Cake

Tastes nothing like carrot cake - surely that's a good thing.

Cinnamon Daiquiri image

Cinnamon Daiquiri

A subtle spicy cinnamon taste with tangy length.

Utterly Butterly image

Utterly Butterly

Yup, your eyes are not deceiving you and nor will your taste buds - it's made with peanut butter. Refreshingly different.

Gold Member image

Gold Member

Hints of cinnamon and apple - an interesting tipple, if a tad sweet.

Oatmeal Cookie image

Oatmeal Cookie

A well balanced, creamy shot with hints of butterscotch and cinnamon.

Plum Pudding image

Plum Pudding

Spicy and fruity.

Pink Sin Martini image

Pink Sin Martini

This looks a little like a Cosmo but delivers sweet cinnamon and chocolate.

Gold Rush Slammer image

Gold Rush Slammer

Flakes of gold dance with the champagne's bubbles.

Apple Strudel (by Alex Kammerling) image

Apple Strudel (by Alex Kammerling)

This sweet dessert cocktail tastes just like mum's home-made apple pie with cream.

Butterfly's Kiss image

Butterfly's Kiss

Vanilla, hazelnut and cinnamon. Golden in colour with the odd gold flake from the cinnamon schnapps.

Fireball image


Down this in one and be prepared for a sweet cinnamon palate quickly followed by a hot, spicy finish.

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