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Vermouth amaro
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A spirituous aperitivo-style cocktail, or an after-dinner sipper, which can be made with numerous different sweet vermouths or indeed a vermouth amaro

Farmer's Tan image

Farmer's Tan

Mezcal, vermouth amaro and orange curaçao combine is a spirit-forward spipper.

Brooklyn's Finest image

Brooklyn's Finest

A delicately spiced riff on the classic Brooklyn cocktail.

Tokyo Drift image

Tokyo Drift

Boozy yet delicate, beautifully balanced and complex. This Japanese whisky riff on a classic Manhattan benefits from freshening aniseed and minty notes

Harvest Cocktail image

Harvest Cocktail

Boozy with notes of spiced apple brandy. A great after-dinner sipper.

Schnitzelburg image


Stirred down and bourbon-led with bittersweet amaro, and a hit of rich maraschino, lifted and enlivened by fernet's herbal complexity.

Mexican Duchess image

Mexican Duchess

Spirituous and lightly vinous with subtle agave notes, bready genever and spicy gin all refreshed by zesty orange curaçao. Five equal parts is a faff

Holy Smokes No.1 image

Holy Smokes No.1

Bourbon-laced and spirit-forward but mellowed by bittersweet amaro and herbal liqueur with a hint of Islay smokiness.

Hamilton the Hipster image

Hamilton the Hipster

Herbal and bittersweet. A delicious aperitivo or digestive.

Oliver South image

Oliver South

When I first tried this bittersweet tequila-laced cocktail, I intended to add a dash of orange bitters but mistakenly used Peychaud's, and I found I liked

Cherry Velvet image

Cherry Velvet

Rich Pedro Ximénez sherry and Italian amaro add complexity and depth of flavour to luxurious brandy.

Father's Advice image

Father's Advice

Not yet rated

USA Bacardí Legacy 2015 winning cocktail by Ran Duan, The Baldwin Bar, Sichuan Garden, Woburn, MA.

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