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Americano rosso/rosa
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Casa Savoia Boulevardier image

Casa Savoia Boulevardier

A delicious riff on a classic Boulevardier with just two ingredients.

Casa Savoia Garibaldi image

Casa Savoia Garibaldi

The success of this cocktail is reliant upon your oranges and how you fluff their juice. Fluff well and this is delicious.

Casa Savoia Spritz image

Casa Savoia Spritz

Easy-drinking and delicately bittersweet.

D&B Shakerato image

D&B Shakerato

Delicately bittersweet and sweet 'n' sour with honeyed zesty grapefruit.

Faithfulness image


Bittersweet and Negroni-like with a touch of rose.

Garibaldino image


Fruity and refreshing yet complex and fairly dry with underlying bitterness.

Less is More Negroni image

Less is More Negroni

Looks like a Negroni, tastes like a very good and interesting Negroni, yet only has two ingredients – hence the name. Also, quicker to make than a three-ingredient

Mission Bell image

Mission Bell

Bittersweet grapefruit and mezcal with honeyed roundness.

Murano Negroni image

Murano Negroni

The merest hint of hazelnut liqueur makes this relatively light and approachable Negroni.

Pinky Negroni image

Pinky Negroni

Bittersweet and delicately faintly floral.

Quintessential Royal image

Quintessential Royal

The cacao powder rim echoes the subtle chocolate flavours in this tasty bittersweet aperitivo.

S 'n' Emm image

S 'n' Emm

So named due to originally being made with Savoia, Mezcal and Montenegro. On the bitter side of bittersweet but eases with the dilution that comes with

Savoia Plane image

Savoia Plane

Delicately smoky tart citrus enriched by subtle herbal complexity. A freshening aperitivo.

Sips Sgroppino image

Sips Sgroppino

A rich raspberry bomb of a dessert cocktail with delicate underlying bitterness. Very moreish.

Tirreno image


Although only a small proportion of this cocktail, the coffee you use greatly influences its flavour. It doesn't work with espresso but does work brilliantly

Vivi image


Meaning alive in Italian, Vivi is bittersweet with pleasing savoury olive notes.

Wild Rose Margarita image

Wild Rose Margarita

Adapted from a recipe created by Makina Labrecque, Calgary, Canada, and was a Patrón Margarita of the Year.

A Dream to Be image

A Dream to Be

Adapted from a recipe created in 2016 by Leon Back at Panda and Sons, Edinburgh for Jack Daniel's Tennessee Calling competition.

Adelaide image


Bittersweet and delicately gin-laced.

Casa Savoia Manhattan image

Casa Savoia Manhattan

The Manhattan meets an aperitivo.