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Bitter bianco liqueur
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Amber Negroni (Difford's recipe) image

Amber Negroni (Difford's recipe)

As the name suggests, this riff on a classic Negroni is amber in colour with honeyed notes and is not quite as bitter as the classic red version.

Negroni Bianco image

Negroni Bianco

This white Negroni is not quite as dry and bitter as a traditional red Negroni and has additional pleasing creamy honeysuckle notes.

Green Negroni image

Green Negroni

Don’t be put off or misled by the lurid green colour or this cocktail, it is both bittersweet and complex. As the name suggests it is based in a classic

Blonde Boulevardier Cocktail image
User submitted

Blonde Boulevardier Cocktail

Not yet rated

Toying with Islay smoke, and a blanc negroni style

Blue Mark image
User submitted

Blue Mark

Not yet rated

A riff on Alaskan Iced Tea with more cherries, less vodka and no mixer. Crafted by Tom Walston during Refugee Week (June 2021) for Mark Cowan who likes

Blue Pidgeon image
User submitted

Blue Pidgeon

Not yet rated

A Cosmopolitan with Tonic Water providing a gentle fizz.

El Barrio del Artista image
User submitted

El Barrio del Artista

Not yet rated

I had this lovely sort of mezcal Negroni (as it was described at the bar) in Milano recently and it has become an all-time favorite in my rotation. It

New Pope image
User submitted

New Pope

Not yet rated

After the drink is ready before poor it in the martini coupette the glass is perfumed with an incense tincture.

Old Cowboy image
User submitted

Old Cowboy

Not yet rated

STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.

River of life image
User submitted

River of life

This drink is simple, yet complex with tropical notes that twist from pineapple to blue cheese. This cocktail was created by Benjamin Salguero January

Stephen's White Fur Jacket Riff image
User submitted

Stephen's White Fur Jacket Riff

Not yet rated

Bozal ensemble is a good mixing mezcal to use, and I used Dolin dry vermouth but any white or dry vermouth will work. Suze probably works in place of the

The white American(o) image
User submitted

The white American(o)

Not yet rated

A riff on the americano for late summer evenings in England.

Vieux Coüw-Coüw image
User submitted

Vieux Coüw-Coüw

Not yet rated

The cocktail was first made with Suze Saveur d'autrefois wich is no longer made, if you want to reproduce the original taste, you can mix 3/4 of regular