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Italicus or other Rosolio di Bergamotto / bergamot liqueur
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Bergamot Negroni image

Bergamot Negroni

As the name suggests, subtle bergamot notes influence this dryish Negroni riff.

Clandestine image


Honey balances bitter notes of gentian with citrusy bergamot and Scotch spirit. An aperitif of digestif.

Crystal Clear image

Crystal Clear

Subtly citrusy and piney with delicate caraway. Clearly refined.

Fantasticus image


Delicious bergamot zesty freshness with subtle underlying rum. Great as an after-dinner freshening digestivo.

For Sake's Sake image

For Sake's Sake

Being dyslexic I'm bewildered as to how to spell dyslexic, while also amused by sake (the beverage brewed from rice) being spelt the same way as sake (as

Negroni Bianco Bergamotto image

Negroni Bianco Bergamotto

Dry with wine like-minerality, zesty bergamot and piney gin notes.

No Borders image

No Borders

A tasty bittersweet Negroni-style aperitif.

Olimpo image


A summery light aperitivo.

On the Med image

On the Med

For the complete on the Med experience you may want to use a Mediterranean-style gin but we prefer a London dry style so perhaps making this a Brit On

Pink Mist image

Pink Mist

Softy bittersweet aperitif with zesty bergamot.

Reno image


The distinctive flavours of amaro and gentian dominate this bittersweet but mellow aperitif.

Spritzer Fresco image

Spritzer Fresco

Zesty, floral, aromatic and fresh. A complex and refreshing spritz.

Stonage image


Layers of sour citrus, bittersweet vanilla and cleansing Moscato grape spirit. Best enjoyed as an aperitivo.

The Queen's Steeple image

The Queen's Steeple

Montenegro amaro dominates this bittersweet delicately orangey aperitif cocktail.

Bergamot & Coconut Cobbler image

Bergamot & Coconut Cobbler

A low-low alcohol, light and refreshing aperitivo which delivers the promised flavours of bergamot and coconut.

Bergamot Bamboo image

Bergamot Bamboo

A bergamot influenced riff on the classic Bamboo that's best enjoyed as an aperitivo.

Coffee & Tonic image

Coffee & Tonic

Sipping through the bitter layer of coffee is a great start to this lightly bitter-sweet aperitivo.

Favola image


Mouth puckering zesty citrus freshness underpinned by gin's botanical complexity.

Garibaldicus image


Bergamot liqueur and grapefruit juice combine beautifully and while a tasty aperitivo this combo is best served with breakfast.

Gin & IT (Rosolio recipe) image

Gin & IT (Rosolio recipe)

Bitter orange peel is a botanical which features in many gins, and in this cocktail a bitter sweet bergamot liqueur is mixed with gin to good effect.