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Rose petal liqueur
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Pinky Negroni image

Pinky Negroni

Bittersweet and delicately faintly floral.

Rose Margarita image

Rose Margarita

As the name suggests, rose flavours imbue this riff on a classic straight-up Margarita.

Evening Sun image

Evening Sun

It's the dry sparkling wine that has the last word in this beautifully integrated and complex foaming sour.

Rose Petal 'Martini' image

Rose Petal 'Martini'

Rose and cranberry sit together surprisingly harmoniously in this gin-laced Neo-Martini.

Sweetheart image


A floral riff on a classic Cosmopolitan. The quality of rose liqueur used makes or breaks this romantically themed cocktail. Photographed in a glass from

Palladio image


A rose flavoured gin sour made more special by the well-judged addition of rhubarb bitters.

A Rose By Any Other Name image

A Rose By Any Other Name

A dry spirit-led sipper with faint floral and chocolate notes. Perhaps forgo the grated chocolate garnish in favour of a square of dark chocolate balanced

Rose-Hyp Martini image

Rose-Hyp Martini

Dry (but far from bone dry), aromatic and floral.

Paloma Rosa image

Paloma Rosa

Recognisably a Paloma with tequila and grapefruit but made Rosa with a delicate hint of rose.

Showgirl Cocktail image

Showgirl Cocktail

Wonderfully floral – flavours of rose and raspberry dominate with dry vermouth adding balance and complexity.

Demosthenes Club image

Demosthenes Club

Two-parts cognac to one-part aromatised wine with the faintest note of rich aromatic rose. A late-night libation.

Rosie Lassi Cocktail image

Rosie Lassi Cocktail

Creamy vanilla yoghurt with floral rose liqueur fortified with vodka.

Rose Petalini image

Rose Petalini

Peychaud's bitters give this fragrant cocktail a delicate pink hue.

Rosa Rosada Margarita image

Rosa Rosada Margarita

A pale pink, floral Margarita – just as the name suggests.

Grape Expectations image

Grape Expectations

A rose, Sauvignon Blanc wine, apple and lemon Cognac Swizzle. Fruity, floral and refreshing.

Salty Lychee Martini image

Salty Lychee Martini

Pale pink in colour and subtle in flavour with gin and the delicately salty tang of manzanilla sherry and drying rich rose and lychee.

Rose Negroni image

Rose Negroni

Just as it says on the tin, a bittersweet floral Negroni.

Lychee & Rose Petal Martini image

Lychee & Rose Petal Martini

Light pink in colour and subtle in flavour.

Smokin Rose image

Smokin Rose

A Daiquiri riff with Islay malt, rose petal liqueur and vanilla.

Killer Queen image

Killer Queen

Adapted from a recipe created in 2019 by Jason E. Clapham in Oxford, England.

Baltic Spring Punch image

Baltic Spring Punch

Sweet and fruity with champagne sparkle. It's peachy!

Rosito image


Added to Difford's Guide in April 2023, this is a cocktail promoted by Lanique Spirit of Rose.

Rose Sour image

Rose Sour

Just as it says on the tin! Full-on rose with sour lime. Lacks nuance and subtlety perhaps.

Dragon Blossom image

Dragon Blossom

Light, aromatic, semi-sweet and distinctly oriental in style.

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