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Tsipouro Sour image

Tsipouro Sour

Falernum adds delicate clove spice to this delicious sour which as the name suggests beautifully harnesses the complex flavour of tsipouro.

Ramos Greek Fizz image

Ramos Greek Fizz

This clever riff on a classic Ramos Gin Fizz harnesses a trio of Greek specialties: tsipouro, mastiha and yoghurt.

Greek Daiquiri image

Greek Daiquiri

This delicately sharp sour is indeed redolent of a rum-based Daiquiri and is a great showcase for Tsipouro's vinous flavours.

Pink Tsipouro Fizz image

Pink Tsipouro Fizz

Rich almond with delicate zesty citrus packaged in a light pink refreshing drink.

Tsipouro Negroni image

Tsipouro Negroni

Just as it says on the tin, it's a Negroni but based on Greek grape-based Tsipouro.

It's All Greek To Me image

It's All Greek To Me

A fresh and refreshing aperitivo or digestivo with vinous tsipouro, distinctive mastiha notes, and zesty lemon.

Lefkó Martini image

Lefkó Martini

Martini-esque in style but gin's juniper-led botanical character is replaced by a Greek grape distillate (Tsipouro). Enhanced vinous notes and flavoursome

Number 10 image

Number 10

Prosecco amplifies tsipouro's grape notes with sour apple liqueur adding flavour and freshness.

Parthenon Old-Fashioned image

Parthenon Old-Fashioned

Greece is a nation as famous for its seafaring prowess as it is the Parthenon, so it's perhaps fitting to include Navy rum in this Old Fashioned-style

Ether image


Tsipouro combines harmoniously with pineapple juice supported by complex herbal notes from Chartreuse with a hint of orange.

White Grape image

White Grape

A bittersweet aperitivo which harnesses tsipouro's and Americano's vinious notes with gentian's bitter herbal flavours.

Silenus image


This cocktail combines a distilled grape spirit with wine (or wines – I used 40ml of one Riesling but the original recipe specifies 28ml Dr. Loosen Demi

Kroton Cup image

Kroton Cup

Reminiscent of a Cobbler, I like the connection and balance between the tsipouro and red wine in this recipe with triple sec, maraschino, and Creole biters

Greek Vacation image

Greek Vacation

From the Greek islands to the seaside city of Thessaloniki to historic Athens, Greece is a holiday paradise and I look forward to sipping this delicately

Around The World image

Around The World

Tsipouro and falernum shine in this long fruity cocktail with just enough Agricole to make this properly tropical in style.

Sid and Nancy image

Sid and Nancy

Fruity, sweet 'n' sour. A bite-sized tropical-style Greek-laced cocktail for a touch of island escapism in a glass.

Red Echo image

Red Echo

A pale shade of pink rather than red, Red Echo has delicate falernum spice which allows vinous notes from the tsipouro and sherry to shine.

Chip Err O image

Chip Err O

Vinious and loosely Martini in style.

Greek Espresso Martini image

Greek Espresso Martini

The distinctive flavours of tsipouro and mastiha influence this 'Greek' Espresso Martini.

Alexandros' Sour image

Alexandros' Sour

Tsipouro with citrus sourness, jammy apricot and a freshening hint of mastiha.

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