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Garibaldi image


A fabulous brunch cocktail. How you squeeze (and blend) your oranges is key to achieving the fluffy orange juice that makes this drink special. At New

Livorno Punch (Ponce alla Livornese) image

Livorno Punch (Ponce alla Livornese)

Run and coffee with zesty lemon. A drink to challenge the Espresso Martini.

Satan's Whiskers (Straight) image

Satan's Whiskers (Straight)

Dry and citrusy with underlying piney gin and herbal complexity.

Te Anaka image

Te Anaka

I moved to Wanaka to find my place in the world, my passion and direction. Just as Don Facundo found his calling refining the rum making process, I've

Americano image


Bittersweet, lightly effervescent, long and refreshing.

Clover Club (Lowe's recipe) image

Clover Club (Lowe's recipe)

Balanced and complex with a fruity blast of raspberry - made interesting due to its inclusion of vermouth.

Old Hickory (Britten's recipe) image

Old Hickory (Britten's recipe)

Heavy doses of Creole-style bitters and orange bitters work with dry vermouth to balance this drink's rich sweet vermouth base. A great aperitivo.

Porto Tonico (White Port & Tonic) image

Porto Tonico (White Port & Tonic)

Portugal's answer to the G&T is tasty, balanced, superbly refreshing and has a relatively low alcohol strength.

White Water Sour image

White Water Sour

Zesty citrus and fresh mint with delicate rose.

IPAlicus image


Take a citrusy hopped beer and add a tad more citrus in the shape of Rosolio di Bergamotto. The result is predictably citrusy, refreshing and suited to

Michelada image


Savoury, sweet n sour beer with enlivening chilli heat. On a hot day, if a beer is not refreshing enough, then a Michelada may hit the spot.

Spumoni image


Bittersweet and citrusy. As good with breakfast as it is as an aperitivo.

Lotus Cocktail image

Lotus Cocktail

This violet coloured drink may have an unlikely list of ingredients but tastes better than they might suggest.

Novara Sour image

Novara Sour

Ginger spiced, bittersweet and sweet 'n' sour.