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Affogato Cocktail image

Affogato Cocktail

Based on the eponymous classic Italian dessert, this after-dinner cocktail blends coffee and chocolate with ice-cream, appropriately fortified with a splash

After Supper image

After Supper

As the name suggests, this slightly sweet citrusy-apricot cocktail is best enjoyed after a hearty meal.

Amaretto Sour image

Amaretto Sour

Sweet 'n' sour - frothy with an almond buzz. An extra couple of dashes of bitters help balance the drink and add an extra burst of flavour.

Angels’ Advocate image

Angels’ Advocate

Advocaat, gin and lemon juice sit together harmoniously in this pale yellow cocktail with vanilla syrup adding balance and cardamom enlivening the blend.

Ciao Bella image

Ciao Bella

Use a great quality white crème de cacao alongside Aqua Bianca and you'll have a surprisingly well-balanced complex and delicately chocolaty freshening

Courtside image


Easy drinking, fruity, refreshing and lightly sweet. Bring on the summer's afternoon.

Kiwi Caipirinha image

Kiwi Caipirinha

Fruity and refreshing, perfect for a summer afternoon.

Olimpo image


A summery light aperitivo.

Periscope image


Fabulously light, almost creamy, floral and slightly sweet.

Tropical Caipirinha image

Tropical Caipirinha

In drink circles, tropical usually spells sweet. This drink has a tropical flavour but a definite adult sourness.

Arancia Spritz image

Arancia Spritz

Reminiscent of a Pimm's No.1 Spritz.

Banana Caipirinha image

Banana Caipirinha

With an overripe banana this drink is delicious, thick and creamy. A meal in itself.

Blackthorn No.2 (Savoy's) image

Blackthorn No.2 (Savoy's)

This low-alcohol after-dinner cocktail tastes reminiscent of spirituous blueberry jam with delicate herbal undertones.

Eggs-cellent image


Brandy and advocaat (the eggy element) is a classic and indulgent combo that says Easter and/or Christmas – both spiritual holidays so the addition of

Flat White Martini image

Flat White Martini

Martini drinkers of the gin/vodka and vermouth variety will describe this drink as being all too flat and all too white, but for lovers of flat white coffees

Iguana Wana image

Iguana Wana

Orange juice and peach schnapps, laced with vodka.

Kir Royale image

Kir Royale

Champagne replaces Bourgogne Aligoté white wine in this 'Royal' rendition of Mayor Canon Kir's classic apéritif. Easy to make, easy to drink.

Knickerbocker Special image

Knickerbocker Special

Slightly sweet and very fruity with raspberry and pineapple to the fore. Made with freshly prepared homemade raspberry syrup (1½:1) this is particularly

Mexican Squeeze image

Mexican Squeeze

The success of this cocktail is as much about the quality of your tequila as it is about your choice of lemonade. Made well and this Squeeze is zesty,

Naughty German image

Naughty German

Jägermeister spice and rich cassis combine wonderfully in this after-dinner sipper, with subtle black liquorice and aniseed.