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Carta Switchel image

Carta Switchel

Complex and very refreshing. Rum is the predominant flavour but is brilliantly accentuated with grapefruit, fernet and vinegar.

Fitzgerald (no added sugar & low-calorie) image

Fitzgerald (no added sugar & low-calorie)

Zingy candied sherbet lemon with hints of botanical complexity and herbal bitters. This drink is better with the addition of dashes of aromatic bitters

Grassoide Ferro Cocktail image

Grassoide Ferro Cocktail

This simple but brilliantly complex aperitivo-cum-digestivo cocktail dates from the 1930s when it and most other cocktails were shaken. Don't allow the

Triumph of Pompeii image

Triumph of Pompeii

Top with soda and immediately serve/enjoy. Experiencing this cocktail's light fluffy foamy entry to its bittersweet, earthy, almost coal dust and liquorice

Armour image


A Bamboo but with rosso (sweet) vermouth in place of dry vermouth to produce a cocktail that's perhaps more digestivo than aperitivo.

Cantinero Coffee image

Cantinero Coffee

Adapted from a recipe created in 2020 by Jeroen Van Hecke at L'Apereau in Blankenberge, Belgium.

Clairvoyant image


A hazelnut flavoured variation on the classic Coronation Cocktail

Companion image


Rum and pear with honey balancing lemon sourness. Vermouth (Anya's original recipe calls for Noilly Prat dry vermouth) adds complexity and plays an important

Coronation Cocktail No.1 image

Coronation Cocktail No.1

Dry and wonderfully aromatic with faint notes of almond from the fino sherry and delicately fruity maraschino. Delicious.

Espresso Martini (no sugar & low-calorie) image

Espresso Martini (no sugar & low-calorie)

Slightly thinner in mouthfeel than a regular sugar loaded Espresso Martini but equally as tasty.

Gimlet (no added sugar & low-calorie) image

Gimlet (no added sugar & low-calorie)

Fresh lime juice replaces cordial in this vitamin C loaded, almost healthy gin laced sugar-free version of a classic Gimlet.

Gin Basil Smash (no added sugar & low-calorie) image

Gin Basil Smash (no added sugar & low-calorie)

Herbal and refreshing. Basil, gin and lemon sit harmoniously, balanced by sugar-free sweetener.

Gin Sling (no added sugar & low-calorie) image

Gin Sling (no added sugar & low-calorie)

Light and refreshing with lemon freshening gin while a splash of sugar-free sweetener provides balance.

Grapefruit & Rose Seltz image

Grapefruit & Rose Seltz

Very refreshing and light. Perfect for a summer's afternoon. Our own favourite of the three initial Ketel One botanical serves. Also, consider serving

Hey Sugar image

Hey Sugar

Elderflower and dry sparkling wine are a match made in heaven with the bitters-soaked cube seasoning the cocktail with faint bittersweet pineapple and

Jeez Louise image

Jeez Louise

Bittersweet with zesty citrus and subtle carbonation lifting and enlivening deeper rooty and herbal notes.

Long Island Iced Tea (no added sugar* & low-calorie) image

Long Island Iced Tea (no added sugar* & low-calorie)

* BEWARE: Although free of cane sugar and beet sugar, this cocktail contains small amounts of fructose sugars from the agave nectar used in the Agave Sec

Mrs Daisy Robinson image

Mrs Daisy Robinson

Pisco and pineapple are a match made in heaven and sit at the centre of this prosecco-charged celebratory sour.

Pavoni image


Sweet and sour with delicate bitterness and a complex cherry flavour, this cocktail is designed to pair with cheese.

Petanque cocktail image

Petanque cocktail

The game this drink is named after is French while the main ingredients are Spanish and Italian, but they do play P├ętanque in the Basque region of Spain.