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Carlton Banks image

Carlton Banks

Reminiscent of a classic champagne cocktail with cognac, champagne and zesty orange flavours dominating. It’s surprising how little cherry brandy notes

Lachlan's Antiscorbutic image

Lachlan's Antiscorbutic

With its delicate shade of pink from a splash of raspberry liqueur, this cocktail is feistier than it appears with salty gherkin flavours combining brilliantly

Paper Plane image

Paper Plane

This pink/rust red drink is bittersweet with underlying bourbon character and lemon zestiness.

Amaroni image


Piney notes in the gin are amplified in this bitter-bittersweet riff on a classic Negroni.

Negrino image


A riff on the classic Negroni from Vietnam which brilliantly set the richness of sloe gin against bone dry fino sherry while harnessing the herbal bitterness

Negroni del Professore image

Negroni del Professore

Bittersweet and Negroni-like with deep herbal, rooty, bark bitterness.

Tunnel Negroni image

Tunnel Negroni

Bittersweet and delicately herbal.

Tuxedo Cocktail No.2 (Savoy & Duffy's recipe) image

Tuxedo Cocktail No.2 (Savoy & Duffy's recipe)

A Fifty-Fifty Martini with added flavour and aroma thanks to the addition of a trio of bitters, liquor and liqueur.

Diplomat Sour image

Diplomat Sour

Even with a good dose of sugar this cocktail is on the bitter side of bittersweet.

La Bouche Reelle (The Real Mouth) No.2 image

La Bouche Reelle (The Real Mouth) No.2

Zingy, bittersweet ginger with a hefty dose of spirit smoothed by egg white.

Moonlight Cocktail (Harry Craddock's recipe) image

Moonlight Cocktail (Harry Craddock's recipe)

Craddock describes this as 'a very dry cocktail'. It is, but pleasantly so.

Picador image


The name might be more masculine, but it is still a classic Margarita. This 2:1:1 recipe is a touch on the sour side for most so you may want to add a

Sophisticated Dane image

Sophisticated Dane

Caraway, spice, spirituous and on the bitter side of bittersweet. If you like Negronis and aquavit then this is for you.

The Blind Side image

The Blind Side

Fresh and refreshing – a minty gentian apéritif.

Tuxedo Cocktail No.1 (Savoy & Duffy's recipe) image

Tuxedo Cocktail No.1 (Savoy & Duffy's recipe)

Bone dry with faint anise and liquorice notes from the absinthe.

Written Word image

Written Word

Recognisably a Last Word but noticeably zestier and not as rich.

Yellow Cocktail image

Yellow Cocktail

Bittersweet and sweet 'n' sour, this aperitif is sure to pucker your taste buds for tasty morsels ahead.