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Maple syrup
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Dantes in Fernet image

Dantes in Fernet

It's obvious that this Blood & Sand-like cocktail contains Fernet, it has an almost smoky herbal influence. Maple syrup is an inspired sweetener and flavour

Maple Rum Old-Fashioned image

Maple Rum Old-Fashioned

Well-aged rum mellowed and sweetened by maple syrup. A spirit-forward sipper that's rich and easy.

Benton's Old Fashioned image

Benton's Old Fashioned

If you like an Old-Fashioned and bacon then you'll love the Benton's Old-Fashioned.

Brown Derby image

Brown Derby

Some folk make this cocktail with honey syrup rather than maple syrup. Honey does indeed make for a tasty cocktail and is stipulated in the Brown Derby

Purple Stag image

Purple Stag

Easy drinking and neither bitter or too sweet, it's hard not to like this rich herbal fruity cocktail.

Thyme Will Tell Sour image

Thyme Will Tell Sour

Thyme and maple syrup add extra interest to a Whiskey Sour. Some may want to add egg white.

Hunter's Tea image

Hunter's Tea

Liquorice, chocolate, black tea and citrus. Equally as good enjoyed as an aperitif or digestive.

Randy Old-fashioned image

Randy Old-fashioned

Port and brandy (rhymes 'Randy') are traditionally consumed at Christmas and used to be a popular British pub combo. I've used maple syrup in place of

The Nooner image

The Nooner

Charles Joly's original recipe called for Nevan liqueur (sadly no longer made) and fresh ginger. This simplified version has a flavour reminiscent of the

Mountain Man cocktail image

Mountain Man cocktail

A peachy Whiskey Sour with a mild ginger kick.

Jäger Old-Fashioned image

Jäger Old-Fashioned

Rewarding, chocolaty and boozy with complex herbal and fruity notes.

Toronto Cocktail image

Toronto Cocktail

Originally with a dash of sugar syrup but, thanks to a comment by Yacha Han on Difford's Guide, presented here with maple syrup as a more appropriate sweetener.

Maple Old Fashioned image

Maple Old Fashioned

A spirit-forward sipper that's rich and easy with bourbon mellowed and sweetened by maple syrup.

Port Old-Fashioned image

Port Old-Fashioned

Bourbon and maple syrup somewhat overwhelm the headline port wine, although it does add an underlying fruitiness to this balanced and tasty riff on an

Smoked Maple image

Smoked Maple

This peaty-whisky-laced cocktail won't be to everybody's taste, but an Islay malt fan will most definitely approve.

Applejack Rabbit image

Applejack Rabbit

Apple brandy, orange and tart lemon enriched with maple syrup. Strike the perfect balance and this is a delicious combination. This cocktail's name alone

Four W Daiquiri image

Four W Daiquiri

The oomph of rum, the sourness of grapefruit and the richness of maple syrup, all aromatised by bitters.

Smoky Old Bastard image

Smoky Old Bastard

Lapsang souchong flavours and dry tannins are balanced by maple syrup and fortified with bourbon.

Japanese Maple image

Japanese Maple

This excellent Japanese whisky-based sour is balanced with maple syrup.

Zeus Cocktail image

Zeus Cocktail

Rich, pungent and not too sweet.

Lotus Espresso image

Lotus Espresso

Coffee to the fore but with complex, earthy bittersweet notes.

Smoky Whisky Sour image

Smoky Whisky Sour

Islay single malt and maple syrup add a distinctive smoky character to this otherwise classic Scotch Whisky Sour.

Hwachae image


My summer: the feeling of my childhood in a drink. My paradise: sweet memories and the moments of happiness when we spent time together with family and

The French Canadian image

The French Canadian

Dry and aromatic with cucumber adding freshness. A good apéritif cocktail.

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