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Bittersweet orange-red aperitivo
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Monkey Wrench (with ratchet) image

Monkey Wrench (with ratchet)

A Monkey Wrench is classically just rum, grapefruit juice and bitters – my version's a little different. Monkey 47 gins complex botanicals sit with a

Enrico Pallazzo image

Enrico Pallazzo

A bittersweet Manhattan-style lightly sparkling cocktail.

Ruby image


A delicious trio of flavours meets in harmony. Tart ruby grapefruit and lemon, subtle bitterness, and rich elderflower.

Naked & Famous image

Naked & Famous

Salmon pink in colour. Mezcal adds earthy smoky complexity to this bittersweet, citrusy fresh, aperitivo Last Word riff. And indeed, getting naked can

Paper Plane image

Paper Plane

This pink/rust red drink is bittersweet with underlying bourbon character and lemon zestiness.

Devil's Soul image

Devil's Soul

Spirituous, smoky, earthy, bittersweet, floral, herbal and complex. I've reduced the original serve by one-third to produce a complex, serious and most

Sunset Vibes image

Sunset Vibes

This appropriately sunset-coloured cocktail serves a cacophony of flavours that combine to deliver a symphony of surprisingly harmonious sips.

When The Smoke Cleared image

When The Smoke Cleared

Smoky, tangy and complex with layers of flavour, although happily mezcal dominates.

Avion de Papel image

Avion de Papel

A riff on Sam Ross' Paper Plane this makes for a delicious aperitivo. I like to add 2 drops saline solution.

Toffee Negroni image

Toffee Negroni

There's no toffee in this Toffee Negroni in the same way there's no coffee in the Coffee Cocktail yet both drinks are aptly named and delicious.

Oh Cecilie! image

Oh Cecilie!

A tasty Danish riff on the Negroni.

Cranstonian image


Mezcal-forward, but in flavour rather than a spirituous way, indeed this bittersweet aperitivo s relatively restrained on the boozy front.

Orléans image


There's a pleasingly bittersweet cola bite to this spirit-forward aperitivo/digestivo.

Naked & Infamous image

Naked & Infamous

The lovechild of Douglas Ankrah's Pornstar Martini and Joaquín Simó's Naked & Famous. Fresh ripe (yet still a little tart passion fruit) sits alongside

Spicy Dead Lady image

Spicy Dead Lady

A very different Lady to the White Lady, this is a riff on a Naked & Famous with falernum in place of Yellow Chartreuse. If using a full-flavoured falernum

Benny Blanco image

Benny Blanco

A bittersweet and lightly chili spicy aperitivo to awaken your taste buds.

Queen Mother image

Queen Mother

Pot still Jamaican rum adds delicate but distinctive funky notes to this lightly sweet fruity gin-laced cocktail.

Montreal Cocktail (official city cocktail) image

Montreal Cocktail (official city cocktail)

Stirred, spirituous and bittersweet, this aperitif-style cocktail reflects Montreal's French and English influences with London dry gin and gentian liqueur.

My Sherry Amore image

My Sherry Amore

A bittersweet, salmon-pink, light, delicate balance of gin, herbal complexity, grapefruit and dry sherry.

Eclipse Cocktail (by Leo Robitschek) image

Eclipse Cocktail (by Leo Robitschek)

Beautifully balanced bitter-sweetness with tequila and mezcal sitting harmoniously with cherry and aperitivo liqueurs, with lemon freshness. A perfect

Last Flight image

Last Flight

This appropriately named boozy cocktail is a cross between a Last Word and a Paper Plane.

Dead Man's Handle image

Dead Man's Handle

Tequila charged, delicately bittersweet undertones sit with rich almond syrup.

Lost Plane image

Lost Plane

Amaro's distinctive flavours shine through alongside the dark rum in this aperitivo cocktail.

Caneflower cocktail image

Caneflower cocktail

Rust coloured and bittersweet with cachaça and elderflower.

Negroni and the Goat image

Negroni and the Goat

Negroni in name and Negroni in style with the sweetness of Aperol countered by the use of amaro.

South Slope image

South Slope

This tasty aperitivo also works well with Americano Bianco used in place of Lillet Blanc.

First Word image

First Word

Bittersweet and gin-laced, this is one of the first Last Word riffs to emerge from the Chartreuse shortage in 2022.

Sauvignon Blanc Punch image

Sauvignon Blanc Punch

Grassy flavours from the sauvignon blanc, as well as the wine's acidity, add to the fresh zestyness of the citrus.

High King image

High King

Berry fruit and citrus gently caressed by mellow Irish whiskey with a splash of enlivening soda.

Adriatique Cocktail image

Adriatique Cocktail

Bittersweet zesty orange with deep herbal complexity. Great for a summer afternoon or an evening aperitivo.

Amarita image


The name of this bitter bittersweet and sour Margarita riff references amaro (meaning bitter) and the use of an Italian bitter liqueur. Many will want

Pample Mousse image

Pample Mousse

A dry and very fresh grapefruit fizz. Best as an aperitivo.

Part-time Lover image

Part-time Lover

Tequila-laced, delicately bittersweet/sour with floral elderflower.

Rose Noble image

Rose Noble

Bittersweet and sweet 'n' sour, A whisky-based riff on the Division Bell.

Showgirl Cocktail image

Showgirl Cocktail

Wonderfully floral – flavours of rose and raspberry dominate with dry vermouth adding balance and complexity.

Four-flusher image


In cowboy lingo, a four-flusher is a cheat/swindler/liar but in this case, a Four-Flusher is a tasty bittersweet four equal parts aperitivo cocktail.

Brazuca Remedy image

Brazuca Remedy

Bittersweet and complex with underlying cachaça character. Perfect as an aperitivo.

Perennial image


Gently bitter rhubarb - a very tasty aperitivo.

Division Bell image

Division Bell

A mezcal inspired variation of the Last Word with a refreshing, spirit-forward blend of ingredients.

The Italian Job Cocktail image

The Italian Job Cocktail

Bittersweet and boozy with a dry finish. Striking the right degree of dilution is key to the success of this cocktail – stir a little longer than usual

Clockwork Orange No.2 image

Clockwork Orange No.2

Easy drinking, neither sweet or sour, this cocktail with its subtle coffee notes suits breakfast, teatime or aperitivo but was originally created as a

Johnny's Dream image

Johnny's Dream

I tried this dry, bittersweet, apertivo cocktail with blanco and then reposado tequilas to discover how much better it is with the more youthful tequila.

Pink Flamingo (by Eric Ochoa) image

Pink Flamingo (by Eric Ochoa)

Bittersweet, sweet 'n' sour, and bristling with grassy rum-led flavour. This Pink Flamingo is a very expressive bird and one that may prove hard to handle

Sunshine No. 3 image

Sunshine No. 3

Mezcal is the characterful backbone to this aperitivo with rich herbal notes balanced by delicate bitterness and citrus freshness.

Sunset Strip image

Sunset Strip

Eric Tecosky's original recipe for this drink called for 1.25oz of Jack Daniels Single Barrel in place of the ¾oz of both Tennessee and rye whiskey used

Lavarello image


A riff on the Rabo-de-Galo with bittersweet aperitivo in place of sweet vermouth.

Three of Strong image

Three of Strong

Cacao and coffee flavours from the rum shine in this fruity and delicately spicy Tiki influenced cocktail.

Aperol Spritz / Aperitivo Spritz image

Aperol Spritz / Aperitivo Spritz

Slightly sweet, herbal, refreshing and quaffable. The good folk at Aperol, the aperitivo liqueur brand most identified with the Spritz, recommend equal

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