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Julian de Féral
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Fumigator Flip image

Fumigator Flip

Smoky Islay malt adds a distinctive aroma and flavour to this appropriately named cocktail with cherry fruitiness and smoothing egg yolk.

Rusty To The Core image

Rusty To The Core

Honeyed herbal whisky liqueur with an apple brandy base, freshened with lemon juice and given a wisp of smokiness by a splash of Islay malt.

Waldorf Daiquiri image

Waldorf Daiquiri

Walnut, celery and apple are essential elements to both a Waldorf Salad and this tasty Daiquiri.

Bronze Adonis image

Bronze Adonis

A simple yet fabulous twist on the Adonis.

Flip Williams image

Flip Williams

Velvety smooth with hints of whiskey and pear.

Hot Cosmo image

Hot Cosmo

For more recipes, origins and history behind the Cosmopolitan cocktail, see our Cosmopolitan page.

Juniport Fizz image

Juniport Fizz

This straightforward fizz benefits from the unusual combination of gin and port.

Le Daiquiri Français (Daiquiri No.2) image

Le Daiquiri Français (Daiquiri No.2)

SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine STRAIN into glass.

Pablo à Paris cocktail image

Pablo à Paris cocktail

A dry and angular aperitif with robust flavours of aged rhum agricole and gentian liqueur, lengthened and tamed by dry vermouth with dashes of absinthe.

Pegu Number Two (AKA. Pegu In Pink) image

Pegu Number Two (AKA. Pegu In Pink)

Some big, bold, flavours are corralled in this twist on the classic Pegu Club replacing the usual bitters for a Campari/maraschino/absinthe combo.

The Long Shot image

The Long Shot

A simple variation on William Schmidt's Alabazam.

Caipiruva Bacchanalia image

Caipiruva Bacchanalia

This twist on Dale's Caipiruva is sweetened by honey and dessert wine.