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Jamie Boudreau
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Praecocia Cocktail image

Praecocia Cocktail

Bourbon and apricot are a well established match made in Heaven, and everybody who drinks Manhattan's will recognise how well sweet vermouth and bitters

Starry Night image

Starry Night

Delicate pear and aromatic maraschino over a wine base.

Green Glazier image

Green Glazier

This Martini-style drink doesn't take any prisoners. Go easy.

L'amour En Fuite image

L'amour En Fuite

Serious yet approachably subtle with hints of vermouth and elderflower dominated by absinthe and gin.

La Bicyclette image

La Bicyclette

A light and fragrant Sweet Martini style drink with elderflower liqueur and peach bitters.

Machine Head image

Machine Head

Overdo the smoke and your cocktail will start to resemble a cigar. Too little and you may find a tad sweet.

Petruchio Cocktail image

Petruchio Cocktail

Gin-based and bittersweet, this bright orange drink has a foamy head which may mislead some into thinking it is sweet and easy.

Phish Hook image

Phish Hook

Rye whiskey tamed and flavoured by elderflower, Punt E Mes and maraschino.

Union Club Cocktail image

Union Club Cocktail

Maraschino and Campari balance perfectly. Fruity yet dry and complex.

Washington's Applejack Mule image

Washington's Applejack Mule

Take a Moscow Mule and make with apple brandy in place of vodka and you've a Washington's Applejack Mule. Tasty – arguably tastier than a Moscow Mule.

Marmalade Sour image

Marmalade Sour

Tangy sweet and sour marmalade flavours combine with the distinctive grassy notes of cachaça.

Monstre Verte Cocktail image

Monstre Verte Cocktail

A drink for fans of Chartreuse and aniseed.

Novara image


This bitter-sweet, orange-pink drink may prove challenging for non-Campari drinkers.