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Naramata image


Brandy and brandy fortified apple sit harmoniously with rich herbal vermouth complexity.

Praecocia Cocktail image

Praecocia Cocktail

Bourbon and apricot are a well-established match, and everybody who drinks Manhattan's will recognise how well sweet vermouth and bitters work with bourbon.

Starry Night image

Starry Night

Delicate pear and aromatic maraschino over a dry wine base.

Green Glazier image

Green Glazier

This cognac-laced herbal and chocolatey bite-sized libation may leave you glazed but pleased - pleasured even.

L'amour En Fuite image

L'amour En Fuite

Serious yet approachably subtle with hints of vermouth and elderflower dominated by absinthe and gin.

La Bicyclette image

La Bicyclette

A light and fragrant Sweet Martini style drink with elderflower liqueur and peach bitters.

Machine Head image

Machine Head

Overdo the smoke and your cocktail will start to resemble a cigar. Too little and you may find a tad sweet.

Petruchio Cocktail image

Petruchio Cocktail

Gin-based and bittersweet, this bright orange drink has a foamy head which may mislead some into thinking it is sweet and easy.

Phish Hook image

Phish Hook

Rye whiskey tamed and flavoured by elderflower, Punt E Mes and maraschino.

The Swagger image

The Swagger

Pucker-up for this bittersweet, gin-laced and aromatised grapefruit sour.

Union Club Cocktail image

Union Club Cocktail

Bittersweet, fruity and complex. A summery aperitivo.

Washington's Applejack Mule image

Washington's Applejack Mule

Take a Moscow Mule and make with apple brandy in place of vodka and you've a Washington's Applejack Mule. Tasty – arguably tastier than a Moscow Mule.

Marmalade Sour image

Marmalade Sour

Tangy sweet and sour marmalade flavours combine with the distinctive grassy notes of cachaça.

Monstre Verte Cocktail image

Monstre Verte Cocktail

A drink for fans of Chartreuse and aniseed.

Novara image


This bittersweet, orange-pink cocktail may prove challenging for some.