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Wayne Collins
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Dry Orange Martini image

Dry Orange Martini

Bone dry, orangey, aptly named Martini.

White Negroni image

White Negroni

Wayne Collins, this drink's creator, originally used equal parts as is usual for a classic Negroni and after trying various other formulations I've found

Kentucky Dream image

Kentucky Dream

Tames bourbon and adds hints of apricot, vanilla and apple.

Basil Beauty image

Basil Beauty

Pineapple and passion fruit laced with citrus vodka and infused with hints of lime, basil and coconut.

Playa del Mar image

Playa del Mar

Fruity with a hint of tequila.

Golden Fizz No.2 image

Golden Fizz No.2

More cloudy white than golden but a pleasant, refreshing long drink all the same.

Bajan Passion image

Bajan Passion

A Daiquiri laced with generous fruit and a touch of vanilla.

Orchard Breeze image

Orchard Breeze

A refreshing combination of white wine, apple, lime and elderflower laced with vodka.

Apricot Sour image

Apricot Sour

Short and fruity.

Royal Cosmopolitan image

Royal Cosmopolitan

The classic Cosmopolitan with a layer of fizz on top adding a biscuity complexity. Sex And The City meets Ab Fab.

Rat Pack Manhattan image

Rat Pack Manhattan

An orangey riff on a classic Perfect Manhattan.

Gin Genie image

Gin Genie

A fruit-led long drink for gin-loving Bowie fans.

Cherry Alexander image

Cherry Alexander

A rich Black Forest Gateau-like fruity twist on the creamy classic gin-based Alexander and the popular Brandy Alexander.

Hawaiian Cosmopolitan image

Hawaiian Cosmopolitan

Fresh, tangy and distinctly tropical.

The Mayflower Martini image

The Mayflower Martini

Fragrant balance of fruits and flowers.

Old Fashioned Caddy image

Old Fashioned Caddy

Rich, red and packed with flavour.

Chocolate Puff image

Chocolate Puff

Smooth as you like. The orange is surprisingly evident.

Chocolate Sidecar image

Chocolate Sidecar

Cognac-laced chocolate with port wine complexity and sugary richness balanced by lime juice.

Bajan Mojito image

Bajan Mojito

A laid-back fruity, slightly sweet Mojito.

Raspberry Lynchburg image

Raspberry Lynchburg

This berry fruit influenced riff on a Lynchburg Lemonade has a sweet and sour flavour laced with whiskey.

Apple Buck image

Apple Buck

A refreshing long number with a taste reminiscent of cider.

Capercaillie image


Scotch whisky adds a delicately malty backbone to this zesty and fruity, delicately honeyed anytime cocktail.

China Martini image

China Martini

A complex, not too sweet lychee Martini.

Pink Flamingo image

Pink Flamingo

Vodka-laced sour apple with cranberry and lime.

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