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Master Bartender
Don Beach (Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gantt)
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Three Dots and a Dash image

Three Dots and a Dash

Rhum Agricole and Allspice Dram play a huge role in what is one of the most complex of all classic Tiki drinks.

Navy Grog image

Navy Grog

With is trio of rums at a full measure a piece, this maritime sour is one of the punchiest on the classic roster of Tiki cocktails.

Missionary's Downfall image

Missionary's Downfall

Recipes for this venerable Tiki classic vary enormously and are often confused with the Aku Aku which this drink morphed into at the hands of its creator,

Zombie image


Powerful funky rum and delicate cinnamon spice partially tamed by rich fruit and sweetened clove.

Shark's Tooth (by Don Beach) image

Shark's Tooth (by Don Beach)

This cocktail should be blended so the ice is dissolved to chill and dilute the drink which should end up with a long-lasting frothy head.

Nui Nui image

Nui Nui

Cinnamon and pimento spiced golden rum with cleansing brightening citrus. Balanced, cooling and delicious.

Royal Daiquiri image

Royal Daiquiri

Adapted from a recipe created circa 1950s by Don The Beachcomber.

Rum Cow image

Rum Cow

A wholesome and very tasty milky dessert Tiki cocktail. Be generous with your dusting of nutmeg.

Doctor Funk image

Doctor Funk

With its very generous dose of rum and absinthe, too many of this rum-laced liquorice-like tasting cocktails and you'll need your very own doctor.

Mai Tai (Beaumont-Gantt's recipe) image

Mai Tai (Beaumont-Gantt's recipe)

It is claimed that Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gantt first served this drink in 1933 at his Don The Beachcomber's bar in Hollywood, California. This is some

Beachcomber's Daiquiri image

Beachcomber's Daiquiri

Basically a frozen rum margarita.

Rum Barrel (by Donn Beach) image

Rum Barrel (by Donn Beach)

A foamy head hides a tasty (and be warned) rum laced, tangy fruity drink.

Blue Hawaiian image

Blue Hawaiian

A blue-rinsed PiƱa Colada.

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