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Victor Bergeron A.K.A Trader Vic
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Aku Aku image

Aku Aku

This Tiki classic looks a little like frozen stagnant pond water but tastes minty fresh and rather good.

Apple Blossom Cocktail image

Apple Blossom Cocktail

Stupidly simple yet with a complex flavour of concentrated herbal apple.

Gun Club Punch No.1 image

Gun Club Punch No.1

Rum-laced fruit, as with most Trader Vic classics, balanced rather than sweet.

Mai Tai (Trader Vic's) Cocktail image

Mai Tai (Trader Vic's) Cocktail

We love Daiquiris and this is basically a classic Daiquiri with a few bells and whistles.

Major Bailey #1 image

Major Bailey #1

As Victor says of this gin based Julep, This is a hell of a drink.

Major Bailey #2 image

Major Bailey #2

Made well this is a long, fruity, brilliant frozen Daquiri.

Nautilus image


Basically a Margarita lengthened with cranberry juice.

Tahitian Honey Bee image

Tahitian Honey Bee

Basically a lemon honey Daiquiri or a lemon Canchànchara - very tasty it is too.

Alfonso Martini image

Alfonso Martini

Dry yet slightly sweet with hints of orange, gin and warm spice.

Amsterdam Cocktail image

Amsterdam Cocktail

Orangey in both colour and flavour with genever adding a pleasant bready backbone. Perhaps serve with marmalade on toast for breakfast.

Bermuda Cocktail image

Bermuda Cocktail

Gin with a sweetening touch of peach, orange and pomegranate.

Bermuda Rose Cocktail image

Bermuda Rose Cocktail

Delicate, floral and aromatic. A hint of sweetness but not so as to offend.

Bonnie Prince Charles image

Bonnie Prince Charles

Honeyed, spiced cognac with a touch of citrus. But is it fit for a Prince?

Cuban Cocktail No.2 image

Cuban Cocktail No.2

Faint sweetness balances a spirituous bite in this delicately fruity rose-red bite-sized cocktail.

Cuban Cocktail No.3 image

Cuban Cocktail No.3

Like much of the Caribbean, this drink has French influences. Thank goodness for Admiral Rodney.

El Diablo Cocktail image

El Diablo Cocktail

The tequila, rich red berry fruit, lime and ginger aren't exactly a subtle combination but it is one that has proved both popular and enduring.

Honolulu image


Cooling, fruity and pretty light on alcohol - perfect for a hot afternoon in Honolulu.

Huapala image


In his book Vic prefaces this cocktail with the comment, Nice, easy drink. It's basically a lemon Daiquiri with gin and grenadine.

Kava image


A wonderfully fruity, fluffy and kitsch Tiki drink.

Maria Theresa Margarita image

Maria Theresa Margarita

Originally sweetened with sugar syrup, this is better smoothed with honey.