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UB Retro Coupe 1910
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Sabot image


The Sabot is a White Lady topped with a splash of champagne. Once you've experienced the firepower of a Sabot you'll never want to settle for a mere White

Barney Barnato Cocktail image

Barney Barnato Cocktail

Dry, with bittersweet undertones, and aromatic. We've tried this recipe with modern-day Caperitif but prefer the above blend of two aperitif wines in its

McKinley's Delight image

McKinley's Delight

A cherry brandy influenced Sweet Manhattan with extra complexity courtesy of a dash of absinthe.

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Daiquiri image

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Daiquiri

A full-flavoured, tangy Daiquiri with faint clove spice.

Alaska (Straub's 1914 recipe) image

Alaska (Straub's 1914 recipe)

Made with an Old Tom gin with amplified botanicals and minimal sugar (some are way too sweet) produces a spiritous and, if you hit the right dilution,

De Rigueur image

De Rigueur

Delicately peaty Scotch whisky with rich rounding honey balancing tart zesty grapefruit. This recipe will stand a much bigger slug of bourbon, particularly

Ether image


Tsipouro combines harmoniously with pineapple juice supported by complex herbal notes from Chartreuse with a hint of orange.

Fallen Angel image

Fallen Angel

Gin-laced zesty citrus with subtle freshening mint with aromatic bitters adding depth of flavour and complexity.

Florida Daiquiri image

Florida Daiquiri

This classic blend of rum, lime and sugar, but with a hint of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and maraschino. A user-friendly version of a Hemingway

Lone Oak image

Lone Oak

Herbal Chartreuse, Irish whiskey with zesty lemon and creamy nutty pistachio.

Mexican Jumping Bean image

Mexican Jumping Bean

The lovechild of Dick Bradsell's Espresso Martini and Tommy's Margarita.

Mollymock image


Generously flavoured, bittersweet, sweet 'n' sour and Daiquiri-like.

Night Cap (Sloppy Joe's 1935) image

Night Cap (Sloppy Joe's 1935)

As the name suggests this is made for late-night sipping but, this delicately balanced sweet 'n' sour gin and cognac-laced cocktail is equally enjoyable

Passion Fruit Margarita image

Passion Fruit Margarita

Subtle passion fruit flavour and tartness influence rather than dominate this Margarita, allowing the tequila and other ingredients to also shine. Fruity

Rosé 75 image

Rosé 75

Raspberry fruitiness, rosé champagne and a coupe glass serve set this French 75 apart and make it fitting for Valentine's Day.

Rosina Ferrario  No. 203 image

Rosina Ferrario No. 203

Aromatic grappa notes shine in this fabulously floral, appropriately pale sky blue cocktail.

Salome image


Equal parts gin, aromatised wine and vermouth combine harmoniously in this pleasant, clean sippin' stirred down aperitivo.

Salvamento image


Bittersweet and complex with apple brandy, zesty citrus and faint rose.

Tailor Made image

Tailor Made

Bourbon-laced cranberry and grapefruit with light honeyed richness and a faint touch of clove spice.

Vanilla & Grapefruit Daiquiri image

Vanilla & Grapefruit Daiquiri

Reminiscent of a Hemingway Special, this citrusy, vanilla-laced Daiquiri has a tangy bittersweet finish.