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Scotch Whisky Fruit Cup (Difford's Cup No.2) image

Scotch Whisky Fruit Cup (Difford's Cup No.2)

Perhaps Pimm's chose the number '2' for the Scotch whisky based version of their summer cup because it was the second best – Scotch is certainly one

Garden Sour image

Garden Sour

Delicately smoky mezcal forms the backbone of this delicious bittersweet long refreshing drink.

Journey of Brothers image

Journey of Brothers

Dry and lightly fruity with herbal minerality, this is a superbly refreshing and complex long drink.

Singapore Sling (Dale DeGroff's recipe) image

Singapore Sling (Dale DeGroff's recipe)

Beautifully balanced, fruity and complex with just enough gin to add a spirituous bite.

Elderflower Mojito image

Elderflower Mojito

The enduring classic benefits from a touch of elderflower.

Kingston Club image

Kingston Club

Pineapple juice with herbal attitude. Fernet contributes almost clove-like flavours to this fruity aperitivo cocktail.

Peach Tea image

Peach Tea

Black tea tannins and sour citrus juice balance rich fruit peach in this long rum and cognac-laced cocktail.

Pink Witch image

Pink Witch

Depending on your grapefruit this drink may indeed be lightly pink, and, again, depending on your grapefruit, hopefully it will be balanced and superbly

Rye Boulevardier image

Rye Boulevardier

A rye whiskey-based Boulevardier with both the generous measure of rye and its high alc./vol. making this a boozy but tasty aperitivo or digestivo.

Adios Motherfucker image

Adios Motherfucker

A blued Long Island Iced Tea by both colour and language.

Coffee & Tonic image

Coffee & Tonic

Sipping through the bitter layer of coffee is a great start to this lightly bitter-sweet aperitivo.

Dark 'N' Stormy (Difford's recipe) image

Dark 'N' Stormy (Difford's recipe)

A Daiquiri made with pungent dark rum, topped and made refreshing with spicy ginger beer. Part of the Mule family - but is distinctive due to the strong

Limoncello and Tonic image

Limoncello and Tonic

Sharp sherbety zesty lemon and tonic water – it's hard to imagine a more refreshing mix for a summer's day. This drink tastes good with regular tonic

The Democrat image

The Democrat

The base spirit is inspired by Harry Truman, 33rd President, who only drank bourbon and is considered by some, the last great Democrat.

It's Always Sunny image

It's Always Sunny

Vodka-charged, zesty citrus with delicate herbal complexity.