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Mezcal Dante image

Mezcal Dante

Some of the biggest flavours on the back bar are corralled, tamed and made to play together nicely to produce an assertive but very quaffable cocktail.

Port of Spain (by Dominic Alling) image

Port of Spain (by Dominic Alling)

Named after the capital city of Trinidad, the home of Angostura Bitters, and fittingly this cocktail calls for a monster half an ounce of bitters. Despite

Maiden's Blush No.2 image

Maiden's Blush No.2

A mere spoon of blanche absinthe washes over ten times as much Old Tom gin in this complex sour which is delicately balanced by a splash of raspberry syrup.

Neptune's Wrath image

Neptune's Wrath

Last Word-like with egg-white smoothing the way for a noticeable slug of absinthe.

French Pearl image

French Pearl

Lime and minty freshness with gin's botanical complexity along with subtle but assertive anise notes. Appropriately, the finished drink has an almost pearl-like

The Symphony No.2 image

The Symphony No.2

Malty notes from the genever shine in this complex and lightly sour cocktail.

Demosthenes Club image

Demosthenes Club

Two-parts cognac to one-part aromatised wine with the faintest note of rich aromatic rose. A late-night libation.

Melba Cocktail image

Melba Cocktail

This would be better named, Melba Daiquiri, as it is a Swedish punsch, absinthe, and grenadine influenced Daiquiri. I've dramatically changed the equal

Negroni Sour image

Negroni Sour

Just as advertised on the tin, this is a bittersweet and sour straight-up Negroni. Pucker up, it's a tasty aperitivo.

Wash House image

Wash House

Delicately herbal - simple but refreshing.

Ding-A-Ling image


Rich almond, rum and mezcal with Lemon freshness. Served in a coupe with an ice ball to knock on the side and ding.

Rose (by Albert of the Chatham Bar) image

Rose (by Albert of the Chatham Bar)

Based on dry vermouth with fruity cherry and redcurrant.

Caramel Manhattan image

Caramel Manhattan

Flavours combine harmoniously with the character of the bourbon still evident.

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