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Pineapple Daiquiri (on-the-rocks) image

Pineapple Daiquiri (on-the-rocks)

Rum and pineapple are just meant to go together. A simple but pleasingly fruity cocktail with ripe pineapple and sugar richness balanced by cleansing dry

Islay Old Fashioned image

Islay Old Fashioned

Given its name, obviously, this cocktail was originally based on Islay peated malt whisky, but as they'd say on the BBC, other peated whiskies are available.

Frozen Jägerita image

Frozen Jägerita

There is so much about this digestivo cocktail that's wrong that it's brilliant.

Phenoxy Penicillin image

Phenoxy Penicillin

The smoky peated whisky, ginger and honeyed citrus flavours of Sam Ross' original Penicillin with a splash of bittersweet amaro.

White Negroni Piña Colada image

White Negroni Piña Colada

Just as it says on the tin – a White Negroni crossed with a Piña Colada, but the delight of crossbreeding is a tasty mezcal-based mongrel of a cocktail.

Mexican Negroni image

Mexican Negroni

All the bittersweetness and character you'd expect from a classic Negroni but with tequila and mezcal to the fore.

Daisy Marie image

Daisy Marie

A cross between a Porn Star Martini and a chili-spiced Mezcal Margarita.

Frisco Cooler image

Frisco Cooler

Pisco and kirsch eau-de-vie shine in this delicately pear-flavoured sour.

TJ Smash image

TJ Smash

A minty Whiskey Sour.

Si-Güey image


Your nose is greeted by zesty orange then, with the first sip, smoky whisky hits your palate. As you work your way through this late-night sipper, so depleting

Lady Killer image

Lady Killer

This gin-laced summery cocktail is fruity yet surprisingly dry.

Apparent Sour image

Apparent Sour

Intensely flavoured and bittersweet with rich floral elderflower struggling for attention against assertive citrus and amaro. Originally served straight-up

Old Money image

Old Money

An agave spirit, spiced pear and honey sour. I've mixed opinions as to how well pear combines with agave spirits.

Fernet Me Not No. 2 image

Fernet Me Not No. 2

You'll need to love fernet liqueur to appreciate this cocktail, if that's you the you may well love it.

Rose Sour image

Rose Sour

Just as it says on the tin! Full-on rose with sour lime. Lacks nuance and subtlety perhaps.

Melancholy Baby image

Melancholy Baby

Sweet iced lurid green melon.

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