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Libbey DOF 14.25oz
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Navy Grog image

Navy Grog

With its trio of rums at a full measure a piece, this maritime sour is one of the punchiest drinks on the classic roster of Tiki cocktails.

Ancient Mariner image

Ancient Mariner

Characterful and well-aged rums with a blend of citrus and all-important pimento dram. You may swap rums but there's no substitute for the pimento dram.

Envy Smith image

Envy Smith

Sadly, there are few contemporary cocktails using crème de menthe, but this refreshing gin-laced, apple and mint cocktail is one of the stand-out exceptions.

Jet Pilot image

Jet Pilot

A lightly spicy blend of three characterful rums with citrus mellowed by blending with crushed ice.

Monte Paloma image

Monte Paloma

As you'd expect of a Paloma, refreshing grapefruit and tequila but with delicate bitter complexity.

Nuka Nuka image

Nuka Nuka

Bitters and a touch of salt play a crucial role in this almond and pineapple fruity Rum Sour.

Rum Dum Sour image

Rum Dum Sour

A light rum sour sipped through a float of pungent pot still rum.

Sweet Tears of Mine image

Sweet Tears of Mine

The smell of the caramel popcorn garnish as you sip completes this lightly sour caramel, cacao and coffee cocktail.

Barbacoa image


Savoury and lightly spicy with smoky mezcal backbone.

Monte Mule image

Monte Mule

Bittersweet, spicy and enlivening.

Pursuit of Happiness image

Pursuit of Happiness

A banana influenced riff on a Scotch Negroni with crème de banana sweetness balanced by bitter notes and faint saltiness. Enjoy as an aperitivo or digestivo.

Tears of Jungle Bird image

Tears of Jungle Bird

Coffee and cacao with pineapple and lemon.