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Pilsner lager
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Boilermaker image


When you get to the end of the beer the shot glass lifts and the whiskey is released as a chaser. I should point out that in these days of discernment,

Czechmate image


The herbal notes of Becherovka are noted for combining harmoniously with beer, fittingly in this recipe a pilsner (Becherovka is Czech, as are the origins

Hwachae image


My summer: the feeling of my childhood in a drink. My paradise: sweet memories and the moments of happiness when we spent time together with family and

Reality Check image

Reality Check

Raspberry fruit, herbal complexity and dry hoppy beer with a splash of zesty lime. Fabulously refreshing.

El Camello Loco image

El Camello Loco

Somewhat reminiscent of a Michelada without the spice, this is a very refreshing and enjoyable beer-influenced cocktail. Strangely, the beer makes the

El Tindero image

El Tindero

This drink was actually inspired by the man himself who founded Bacardí: Don Facundo Bacardi Masso. As I researched into him, a very clear picture of

Reborn Padre Blanco image

Reborn Padre Blanco

Reborn Padre Blanco is dedicated to Ernest Hemingway who loved to drink a classic Daiquiri from the El Floridita Bar in Cuba. Reborn is a term referring

Seventh Son image

Seventh Son

Cognac forms the base of this cocktail which resembles a luxurious glass of beer, and indeed beer tops the drink. Rich cherry and rose lightly sweeten.

Shandygaff image


Tastier than your average 'lager shandy'.

Snakebite image


The students special.

Steel Bottom image

Steel Bottom

For those who like their beer turbo charged.

Depth Charge image

Depth Charge

One way to ruin a good beer.

Flaming Dr Pepper image

Flaming Dr Pepper

Please consider the likelihood of burning yourself while attempting to lift the flaming shot into the beer.