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Margarita on-the-rocks (Difford's recipe) image

Margarita on-the-rocks (Difford's recipe)

This is how we prefer our margaritas to be served. Tangy citrus and tequila with a hint of balancing sweetness and a faint salty undertone. We also prefer

French 75 (Difford's recipe) image

French 75 (Difford's recipe)

I've Colin Field to thank for my French 75 epiphany. One evening in early June 2017 I was sat at his bar (Bar Hemingway) and he showed me the vintage 75ml

Millionaire's Martini image

Millionaire's Martini

Normally we'd follow convention and honour the Martini name with a V-shaped glass. However, due to the splash of champagne, a coupe seems more in keeping

Rum Punch image

Rum Punch

In Jamaica, the spiritual home of the Rum Punch, they like their rum overproof and many prefer this cocktail served over crushed ice to further dilute

Singapore Sling (Dale DeGroff's recipe) image

Singapore Sling (Dale DeGroff's recipe)

Beautifully balanced, fruity and complex with just enough gin to add a spirituous bite.

Celebration image


Reminiscent of a cognac-based Negroni served straight-up.

Combustible Edison image

Combustible Edison

The variation, the non-combusted merely Edison or The Edisonian, which calls for all the ingredients (inc. brandy) to be stirred together with ice, is

French Martini image

French Martini

Raspberry and pineapple laced with vodka. Easy drinking and very fruity.

Jungle Bird image

Jungle Bird

Bittersweet and fruity with pungent rum notes sipped through crushed ice. Properly Tiki-tastic.

Mary Pickford Cocktail image

Mary Pickford Cocktail

When made correctly, this pale-pink cocktail has a perfect balance between the fruit flavours and the spirit of the rum.

Porn Star Martini image

Porn Star Martini

A passion fruit and vanilla crowd-pleaser that's balanced with zesty lime, often served with sparkling wine on the side.

Reggae Rum Punch image

Reggae Rum Punch

Jamaicans have a sweet tooth and love their rum. This drink combines sweetness, strength and a generous amount of fruit.

Spritz Le Fizz image

Spritz Le Fizz

Crisp grassy Sauvignon Blanc wine balances rich zesty orange invigorated with sparkling soda water.

Black Rum Swizzle image

Black Rum Swizzle

Dark rum adds depth of flavour to this fruity and refreshing cocktail.

Caipirinha (no added sugar & low-calorie) image

Caipirinha (no added sugar & low-calorie)

Forget those Caipirinhas blighted by crunchy undissolved sugar crystals, this version is sugar-free.

Raspberry Daiquiri image

Raspberry Daiquiri

A crowd-pleasing, slightly sweet blended fruity Daiquiri.

Sex On The Beach image

Sex On The Beach

Sweet fruitiness masks the alcohol in this easy drinking, long cocktail. Sex is associated with red ( light district) and is represented in this

Watermelon Fizz image

Watermelon Fizz

Tastes as refreshing as it looks. Ripe vodka-laced watermelon, fresh lime, and a splash of invigorating lemon-lime soda.