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Saint Patrick's Day
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Dublin Minstrel image

Dublin Minstrel

A riff on the classic Last Word cocktail substituting Irish whiskey for gin. Named after Frank Fogarty, a vaudeville performer known as The Dublin Minstrel.

Irish Boulevardier image

Irish Boulevardier

Blended Irish whiskey replaces richer bourbon in this mellow yet dry riff on the classic Boulevardier.

Irish Coffee image

Irish Coffee

Sometimes called a Gaelic Coffee and properly known by its Irish name 'Caife Gaelach', the Irish Coffee is traditionally served in a stemmed heatproof

Old Gran's Punch image

Old Gran's Punch

Irish whiskey shines in this brilliantly balanced easy-drinking cocktail that will appeal to a wide range of palates.

Cowboy Derby image

Cowboy Derby

Habanero-infused whiskey adds a touch of Cowboy spirit to this riff on the classic 1930s' Brown Derby, with maple syrup balancing grapefruit tart freshness.

Emerald Manhattan image

Emerald Manhattan

An Irish whiskey-based Sweet Manhattan flavoured with a splash of minty emerald-coloured liqueur and peppermint bitters.

Good Cork image

Good Cork

Dry and boozy, this delicious late-night sipper unusually mixes two different single pot-still spirits, one smoky Mexican agave and the other characterful

Irish Buck image

Irish Buck

Simple but surprisingly delicious and very refreshing thanks to cleansing lime sourness.

Irish Cocktail image

Irish Cocktail

Stir well and strain into an icy cold glass and this subtly flavoured whiskey cocktail is a delicious way to chase a good evening.

Irish Maid image

Irish Maid

Fresh, juicy cucumber and elderflower with Irish whiskey and zesty lemon.

Irish Old Fashioned image

Irish Old Fashioned

Dry and yet smooth and refined as Old-Fashioneds go.

Lone Oak image

Lone Oak

Herbal Chartreuse, Irish whiskey with zesty lemon and creamy nutty pistachio.

Luck of the Irish image

Luck of the Irish

Zippy, refreshing, herbal and cleansing. Best appreciated as an after-dinner digestivo.

Pot of Gold image

Pot of Gold

Smooth Irish and peat-smoked Scotch whiskies enlivened with ginger spice and freshened by zesty lemon.

Shamrock Sour Cocktail image

Shamrock Sour Cocktail

Looks like it should be minty but don't be deceived by the verdant colour, it's actually a tasty whiskey citrus sour.

St. Patrick's Day image

St. Patrick's Day

Verdant, vibrant, and virtuous - so virtuous that it's saintly! Faintly minty, herbal, and citrusy with whiskey making it a helluva craic.

Super Seedy image

Super Seedy

Raspberry fruit richness is balanced by bitter botanical complexity in this Irish whiskey-based alternative to an Old-Fashioned.

Tipperary No.1 image

Tipperary No.1

Chartreuse fans will love this Irish whiskey-forward nightcap.

Black Velvet image

Black Velvet

Full-bodied stout and delicate dry sparkling wine are an unlikely combination but this classic has stood the test of time. Some may wish to add a barspoon

Emerald Banana image

Emerald Banana

A befitting name for an Irish whiskey-based, banana flavoured and green-hued cocktail. Whiskey-laced banana chews with a touch of Italian bitter complexity.