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Negroni Frappé image

Negroni Frappé

Bittersweet, herbal, fruity and wonderfully refreshing. A summertime aperitivo.

Stinger image


Classically the Stinger is shaken and served straight-up in a chilled coupe. However, I think it makes for a more refreshing peppermint and brandy digestif

Daiquiri Frappé image

Daiquiri Frappé

Not to be confused with a Frozen Daiquiri, which is blended with crushed ice, a Daiquiri served frappé is shaken with cubed ice and then strained over

Chocolate Bourbon Stinger image

Chocolate Bourbon Stinger

Best described as a cleansing, delicately chocolate-influenced Bourbon Old Fashioned served frappé.

Crystal Ship image

Crystal Ship

Sail through aquamarine waters to a happier place. In the original serve, there's even a monkey perched on the rim along for the ride.

Golden Glove image

Golden Glove

Funky rum and zesty citrus tamed and refreshed by being served over ice chippings.

Marconi Wireless image

Marconi Wireless

A dry and refreshing calvados-based aperitif or digestif served frappé, adding to the cleansing nature of this cocktail.

Brazil Basil Smash image

Brazil Basil Smash

Basil flavours combine brilliantly with cachaça's funky notes in this frappé served riff on Joerg's contemporary classic Gin Basil Smash.

Absinthe Frappé image

Absinthe Frappé

Sweet aniseed may not sound appealing but you should try an Absinthe Frappé after a large meal on a summer's night before you decide on this delicious

Chanler image


Lemon oils add mouthfeel and a delightful flavour, which combine with the botanicals of the gin and vermouth to preset as almost floral.

Skipper image


Temperature and dilution are key to the success of this cocktail, achieved with a glass filled to the brim with very cold ice chips.

All White Frappé image

All White Frappé

Aniseed, chocolate, peppermint and lemon juice are an unlikely but tasty combination for summer afternoons.

Irish Frappé image

Irish Frappé

A tasty frappé with coffee, cream and a hint of whiskey.

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