What is Martini Racing Ciclismo?

MARTINI RACING CICLISMO is a programme which supports and promotes community, a healthy lifestyle and improved well-being in the hospitality industry through group cycling.

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Launched in April 2018 for the 50th anniversary of MARTINI RACING, CICLISMO is an extensive program of cycling activities available exclusively to bartenders. These range from indoor cycling classes to local outdoor community rides, workshops and much more, culminating in the lifetime experience of MARTINI LA CLASSICA – a two-day cycling challenge that brings selected bartenders from around the world to Italy, the spiritual home of MARTINI and landscape of some of the most iconic classic cycling rides.

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By bringing the sport so beloved by the brand to our industry colleagues who celebrate and serve MARTINI, we build an engaged community of bartenders committed not only to physical challenge, but also to building bonds, celebrating a sense of friendship and supporting one another in achieving goals and overcoming challenges. MARTINI RACING CICLISMO as a program also seeks to promote and convey the benefits of individuals applying simple practices to their everyday life, such as riding to work or using a bike as a mode of general transportation.

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