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Finalists 2019
Finalists 2019 image 1

Finalists 2019

The Tennessee Calling IV finalists have been announced. Two teams of six will go on to battle it out at London Cocktail Week in October for a chance to win the trip of a lifetime. Best of luck to all!

Now, for the two teams and the finalists.

Fine establishment – The White Rabbit

ency 84 image

Ryan Robinson-Twigger - Kenilworth Hotel, Warwickshire

Maxwell House
Jack Daniel's Old No.7
Coffee infused maple syrup
Angostura Aromatic Bitters
Toasted coconut tincture

Kesia McHardy - Kelvingrove Café, Glasgow

Day Old Blues
Jack Daniel's Old No.7
Amer Picon
Clarified lemon juice
Grapefruit and Szechuan peppercorn oleo
Lapsang Souchong tincture spritz

Benji Davies - Little Mercies, London

Flat White Old Fashioned
Flat white Jack Daniel's Old No.7
Bobs Vanilla bitters
Light brown sugar syrup (2:1)

Adam Hussein - Artesian, London

Home Away From Home
Jack Daniel's Old No.7
Pereque tobacco liqueur
Apple cordial
Charred corn syrup
Saline solution

Anna Gaglione - The Racketeer, London

Coal Drop
Jack Daniel's Old No.7
Mr. Black cold brew coffee Liqueur
Maple syrup
Fernet Branca

Joe Brooke - Hedonist, Leeds

Jack Daniel's Old No.7
Jack Daniel's banana milk punch
Oloroso sherry
Soda water

Questionable joint – Red Dog Saloon

ency 92 image

James Armstrong - Cottonopolis, Manchester

Batch & Bottle
Jack Daniel's Old No.7
Double fermented banana wine
Malt syrup

Alex Godfrey - Milk Thistle, Bristol

Dive Hard
Jack Daniel's Old No.7
Caple Road cider
Watermelon juice
Sugar syrup
Soy sauce
Franks Red hot sauce
Citric acid
Milk wash

Liv Jackson - Box Leeds, Leeds

Nearest's Blessing
Jack Daniel's Old No.7
Pineapple & Lapsang Souchong Cordial
Citric acid solution
Tartaric acid solution
Pasteurised egg white

Jakub Svarc - Porky's BBQ (Southbank), London

Jack go nuts!
Jack Daniel's Old No.7
Maple syrup infused with smoked nuts
Orange angostura
Chocolate bitters
Apple and hickory smoke

Bradley Osborn - Hoot The Redeemer, Edinburgh

The Clansman
Jack Daniel's Old No.7
Apple syrup
Malic acid
Heather flower soda water
Sea salt solution

Tani Hasa - Lab 22, Cardiff

Squire Tea
Jack Daniel's Old No.7
Local cold brew coffee
Carbonated Cloud Catcher sweetened tea

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