Tennessee Calling 2016

Jack Daniel’s invited Scottish bartenders to create cocktails that worked harmoniously with Old No.7 Whiskey. The three best won the opportunity to make and serve their creations at New York’s Dead Rabbit, the World’s Best Bar 2016, and also to visit the home of Jack Daniel’s - hence the competition’s “Tennessee Calling” name. We went along to sample the cocktails and share the experience.

Tennessee Calling was launched at the first ever “Glasgow Session”, an inspirational seminar hosted by Erik Lorincz of the American Bar at The Savoy, Stu McCluskey of The Bon Vivant and Jack Daniel’s master distiller Jeff Arnett, based on the topics of Creativity, Entrepreneurialism and Consistency.

Inspired by the Glasgow Session, bartenders across Scotland submitted their cocktail recipes with 11 of these selected as being the best. The judges then visited all 11 of the competitors’ bars to personally sample and assess their cocktails, announcing Ryan Mowat, Grant Murray and Kaiko Tulloch the winners.

Click on their cocktails below to view their winning recipes and watch our film of each talking about their cocktail and their Tennessee Calling experience.

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Full Circle by Ryan Mowat

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The Usual by Grant Murray

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Jack Rising by Kaiko Tulloch

The three presented their winning drinks at the Dead Rabbit to a packed bar of guests, including Dale De Groff, Franky Marshall, Joel Fraser, along with Stu McCluskey and Erik Lorincz who travelled from the UK with the winners.

The three winners then travelled to Lynchburg to visit Jack Daniel’s Distillery where they were hosted by both Jeff Arnett (Master Distiller) and Chris Fletcher (Assistant Master Distiller). Over the course of a day they were given a behind the scenes tour of the distillery not normally experienced by visitors. This included a unique hands-on lesson on how to make the sugar maple charcoal used in The Lincoln County Process that helps set Jack Daniel’s apart. We were fortunate enough to join them and have updated our Crafting Jack Daniel’s page as a result.

Ryan, Grant and Kaiko were the deserving winners of this inaugural Tennessee Calling competition but the other eight finalists and their cocktails are also worthy of exploration:

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A Dream to Be by Leon Back

ency 43 image

The Sunday Session by Dominic Willox

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Clever Jasper’s Tea by Aiste Valiukaite

ency 13 image

The Vine & The Fig Tree by Ciarán Russell

ency 17 image

The Ballad of Cat Ballou by Joshua Ramsay

ency 39 image

A Modern Day Jack by Roddy Coyle

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Friend of Jack by Julija Bernatovica

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Heather Crowe by Elias Olaria Vives

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Jack Daniel's Rye image

Jack Daniel's Rye

Introduced in 2017, this Tennessee rye whiskey is made with the first new Jack Daniel's mashbill since 1866 comprising: 70% rye, 18% corn and 12% malted

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye image

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye

Introduced 2016, this is the Single Barrel Collection edition of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Rye whiskey, made using the first new Jack Daniel's mashbill since

Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Brand image

Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Brand

Jack Daniel's is a Tennessee whiskey and was named No.7 by Mr Jack himself in 1887 – no one knows why.

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey image

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey

Launched in 2010 and made by blending Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 with honey liqueur developed in Brown-Forman's Louisville plant to have a nutty flavour reminiscent

Gentleman Jack image

Gentleman Jack

As with Old No. 7, the distillate used to make Gentleman Jack is slow-dripped through 10 feet (3m) of densely packed hard sugar maple charcoal over 3 days

Jack Daniel's Green Label image

Jack Daniel's Green Label

Popular belief has it that Jack Daniel’s was originally sold with a green label at a lower age, the black label only launched after Jack’s death in

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel image

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel is made by the same process as Jack Daniel's Old No.7 but tends to be aged for 5½ to 6 years (certainly never less than 5

Jack Daniel's Maxwell House Commemorative Bottle image

Jack Daniel's Maxwell House Commemorative Bottle

The Maxwell House bottling is one in a range of commemorative bottles containing the same whiskey as the standard No.7 Black Label, although the alcoholic

Jack Daniel's Silver Select image

Jack Daniel's Silver Select

This line Jack extension was developed for the travel-retail (duty-free) market. Silver Select is basically Jack Daniel’s Single barrel but with better

Jack Daniel's Monogram image

Jack Daniel's Monogram

Released early in 2007 as a travel retail (duty free) exclusive, Monogram is now longer made so has become something of a collector’s piece. Comparable

Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Cola image

Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Cola

This black and white can with familiar Jack Daniel’s branding and red highlights proclaims its contents to be “A perfect mix of whiskey & cola”.

Jack Daniel's White Rabbit Saloon image

Jack Daniel's White Rabbit Saloon

This 2012 limited edition Jack Daniels bottling celebrates the 120 anniversary of the opening of the White Rabbit Saloon in 1892. One of two bars “Mr

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select image

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select

Launched December 2012, this special edition Jack Daniel’s whiskey honours Frank Sinatra, a devoted fan of the Tennessee Whiskey. It is matured in “Sinatra

Tennessee Fire image

Tennessee Fire

Launched in the U.S. April 2014, “Jack Fire” is made with Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 whiskey with a proprietary red hot cinnamon liqueur.

Jack Daniel's Unaged Tennessee Rye image

Jack Daniel's Unaged Tennessee Rye

Released late in 2012, this “white whiskey” is the first time since before Prohibition that the Jack Daniel Distillery has used a new grain recipe.